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Going to the movies in Korea - lost in translation?

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Going to the movies in Korea - lost in translation?
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hello everyone :)

I have a question. Yesterday I went to watch the new star trek movie with some friends (I thought it was awesome btw) and there were some pretty funny scenes but I noticed that we were pretty much the only ones laughing every now and then. 

It just got me wondering... is this a cultural thing or was there something lost in translation(subtitles)?? 

a few weeks back, i watched iron man3 and people were either laughing before or after us (even at random times)

It is extremely awkward when you can hear yourself cracking up and everyone else is dead silent...

has anyone else noticed this before?


or have I finally lost touch with the world.... 

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Re: Going to the movies in Korea - lost in translation?

Yesterday I saw Fast and Furious 6 . There was a indirect sexual joke that nobody  seemed to understand . There was no reaction . It was talking about size and jewelry . It   had nothing to do with the plot or story of the movie , Perhaps it was just not  translated . I am not sure .     Sometimes translation is done but still cant be understand due to slang or idioms or cultural differences .

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