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Fruit $ + arm & a leg

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Fruit $ + arm & a leg
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 Did I fall asleep and wake up in a fantasy world where fruit was just way too ridiculously expensive? I mean, I have come to terms with the fact that a good selection of cheeses is essentially non-existant in S.K, but am I seriously expected to pay roughly 9 dollars for a small cantaloupe? I won't even get into the price for beef.

I'd imagine it's the same all around. If anyone knows locations that maybe sell food products a little cheaper, please let me know.

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Strawberries seem to be in

Strawberries seem to be in vogue and are relatively comparabe (or cheap if I remember right) to prices back in the States. The cheapest are those street vendors- a wide plastic bowl filled w/ strawberries for 4-5K KRW. They also generally sell 3K KRW bowl w/ a little less, but I'd avoid those if I were you. Trust me, I know from experience- price seems to be comorbid with freshness and, depending on when you eat them, you. Those should be jammed/eaten very quickly.

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Hey CobraDonkey,  are you the

Hey CobraDonkey,  are you the cousin of DonkeyChicken?  Why not forget the fruit and go for some DonkeyChicken.  Donkey Power !

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It depends where and where you go.

It depends where you go.

For a start your canteloupe falls into the 'inasnely priced' category along with avacados. I think they are probably imported.

But there are plenty of other fruits to be had at dirt cheap prices. At the moment as mentioned it's strawberry / orange season. Before that it was tangerine, persimmon season. Next up is all other melons season. But, DON'T BUY FROM SUPERMARKETS. The fruit there is overpriced and low quality. Stick to the local markets and aforementioned street vendors. You don't even need to the names of the stuff, simply pointing can suffice.

As for beef. It depends on where you buy it from and what it's country of origin is. The cheapest being American, next Australian, next regular Korean and the most expensive (but seriously good) is the Han-u Korean which is similar to Kobe in the way it is raised (but, not as good as Kobe!).

The cheapest place to buy is Costco, followed by Homeplus who both sell American beef. Most other large places such as Megmart sell Australian. And all sell Korean.

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 Been meaning to hit

 Been meaning to hit HomePlus. 


Thanks for the tips. even from the ridiculous #2.

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