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Females & Tattoos in SoKo

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Re: Females & Tattoo's in SoKo.

I'm a tattoed guy, certain jimjillbangs have unisex areas so female/male should make no difference, you will be fine, people will just stare at you like you have two heads. In Japan it would cause problems, but not in Korea.


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Re: Females & Tattoo's in SoKo.

im not a female but i do go to jimjilbangs and whatnot with tattoos of my own.  japan is known for not allowing any tattoos in bath houses but korea is pretty progressive that way.  i have never experienced of heard of anyone (including heavily tattooed girls) having any problems like the one you described

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Re: Females & Tattoo's in SoKo.

A few Jimjilbangs, but not the majority do have a no tattoo policy, this applies to Koreans and foreigners alike. Although tattoos on Koreans are becoming increasingly commonplace these days and the ban was intended for 'gangsters', who used to almsot exclusively be the ones with tattoos.

I've heard several reports about 'a no foreigners' policy in some jimjilbangs, although I've only ever seen one of these signs once and was not barred entry, so how it is enforced and applied I coudn't say.

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Re: Females & Tattoos in SoKo

THANKS so much! This was a good thing to hear. Now I won't worry about that as much. But I will repsect the culture. ^_^ <3

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