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E2 Visa outside the UK and KJC School

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E2 Visa outside the UK and KJC School
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Hi all

Me and my girlfriend are currently traveling in south east asia with the plan to get a TEFL position in Korea.

We have hit a snag in that our UK documents are not appostilled. We do have all required docs just not appostilled.

One company KJC Schools says that if we send our docs to them they can sort it all in Korea with us arriving on a tourist visa then doing a visa run to japan to get our E2 visa.

1 Send application and original diploma to Korea
2 She would take it to Korea Council of University Education for verification- this would take 3/4 weeks
3 We would arrive in Korea on a tourist visa and take our Police checks to be apostilled at the British embassy
4 The documents would be registered and we would get the visa issue number
5 Fly to Japan and get the visa

Has anyone heard of this before as its the only compnay out of 3 or 4 that have said that it is possible ?

Also any experience with this company ? The school is in Jangyu near Busan.

many thanks for any info !



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