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Dong e hui Medical Center - be warned, not very thorough

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Dong e hui Medical Center - be warned, not very thorough
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For years I have been receiving junk mails from this hospital at my school. So i decided to visit and get some help regarding a recent, irregular weight gain.  (Irregular as in i was eating at a healthy calorie deficit, avoiding junk food and exercising regularly).  I wanted to visit an endocrinoligist to have my hormones checked including cortisol.

So here's what happened:

the nurse talked me out of seeing the endocrinoligst and instead seeing family medicine doctor (even though i'd seen one for over a year on this issue with little help and had previously mentioned that to her)

the nurse told me the doctor would do all the tests. This was misinformation.

I came back for the results.  The next doctor had no idea what was going on. I had to repeat my story over again, i thought this was unprofessional and i think he was looking for an excuse as to why he didn't have to look to see the cause of my issue.  Prejudged me on my looks and basically didn't believe me nor my food diary.  He wanted to treat me for depression and prescribed me phentermine, an appetite suppressant. I am barely eating anythign now. So i had no idea why he wanted to prescribe that to me.

When he told me about the results, i was informed that not all the tests i wanted were done. The nurse told me that not all could be done by blood work. I asked her about this before cancelling the endocrinilogist and she said all tests would be done.

Turns out he prescribed me phentermine: a. because he didn't actually want to look into my issue further.

b. by prescribing me that medication, the visit was now not covered under insurance and i had to pay the full coverage.  He had not informed me of this.

At the end, they encouraged me not to come back to the hospital.  I was visibly upset, i felt i got the runaround and no answers.  

I still do not have an answr for my rapid weight gain. What i have though is experience of an incompetent doctor with lack of compassion or willingness to try anything new.

The nurse is nice but made some bad decisions on my behalf. Obviously i won't go back there again.  

I have discovered in Korea, when it comes to unexplicable weight gain they have two diagnosis: 1.  surgery (which never helps in the long run) or 2. fat burners.  I was hoping for a doctor that would dig deeper. Now having this experience at two hospitals, i realize it will be the same everywhere.  

I am writing this as a warning to others, not to expect doctors here to dig deeper into complex issues. They just won't invest the time. 

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Re: Dong e hui Medical Center - be warned, not very thorough

This can happen anywhere, not just here. There are medical facilities all over the place just looking to make a buck and waste your time and money without solving anything. I would recommend 광안좋은병원 (Gwangan Good Hospital) it is located right next to the subway exit of 금련산. They are always very clear with me and I've always had a good experience there. I previously thought I was having a heart problem and asked them to test me and they made sure I got every possible test. After the initial tests were negative, they still went ahead and did the more thorough tests that I wanted just to be sure. They determined it wasn't my heart at all and instead my gallbladder which can sometimes cause pain that feels like heart pain if I am lacking sleep or stressed out. Anyway, they are very good and most of the major doctors speak english (although not the nurses as far as I know).

However, I would highly recommend bringing a Korean with you who speaks Korean and English well. Even though you are dealing with possible personal information, there is very little choice unless you speak fluent Korean, because staff will generally be more responsive and agreeable and listen to inquiries you may have (said through your Korean friend). Also, although doctors can speak English, it helps if you have a friend who is more fluent than them in English helping you, to make sure there aren't misunderstandings. A lot of doctors here are out of practice with their English, so it will make it easier for them and yourself.

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Re: Dong e hui Medical Center - be warned, not very thorough

I feel for you about the gallbladder. Had that happen to me for years, always thought i was having a heartattack. Finally went to the hospital one night and sat in the waiting room for 7 hours (in my home country) in which time the pain never left. They gave me percocets and let me sleep like i was on clouds.    I hope you aren't suffering that pain anymore. I've heard it feels worse than childbirth.  There was a nurse there that spoke fluent english and translated for me.  The doctors couldn't speak english.  It was some of her decisions and her pressures that ended up being bad for me.  

Thank you for the recommendation. I will take that under advisement.  I am a bit wary of trying anything again. It is emotionally frustrating to hear the same thing all the time, and get the same judgements of my lifestyle laid upon me.

Good luck to you. Thanks for the friendly voice.

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Re: Dong e hui Medical Center - be warned, not very thorough

Is that a hospital or  Oriental Medicine Clinic ? 

  I have been to Beck Byoungwon (Hospital ) in Jung san . I found it very nice and many people spoke English . I think its Dong Eui Univ Hospital . Its very modern and foreigner friendly . So I felt and ease there . 


  Take subway line no 2 toward Heundae beach . Its the last stop .    

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