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Dog Sitter/Hotel/Kennel
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hi,  does anyone know of a dog kennel/hotel/sitter that can take a medium sized dog, that walks, feeds, maybe can run in an enclosure - like kennels back home?  It's just for a weekend, but the hotels I've been to are small cages in a pet shop window - not what I'm looking for.  Somewhere in the Changwon, Busan, Masan, Gimhae area.  Thanks,  Adele

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Re: Dog Sitter/Hotel/Kennel

There is a pet sitting network on Facebook. It's a group of dog/cat lovers that help eachother out when someone needs to go out of town. Type in Busan pet sitters network in Facebook and it should come up!

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Re: Dog Sitter/Hotel/Kennel

There is a dog sitting/hospital/grooming business/store near Jangsan subway station.

It is across from 2001 Outlet Mall but I am not sure about the name. I can't  give you the phone number. though. Sorry.

It is a dog cafe upstairs too for dog lovers to sit, chat, and be with many dogs.

Sarah Hansen
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Re: Dog Sitter/Hotel/Kennel

Here's the Pet Sitting Network link:


You may want to contact Eunjung Kim, an English speaking vet who has just recently opened a practice in Haeundae. Her contact info is on Facebook, specifically in the "Specialized English Speaking Vet" discussion on the Facebook page.

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Re: Dog Sitter/Hotel/Kennel
I live in Busan, and I'd love to dogsit.  When do you need a dogsitter?  My email is katy.mancewicz@gmail.com.  Feel free to send me a message!
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