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Dermatologist, Looking for??

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Dermatologist, Looking for??
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I am looking for a dermotologist (or a high-end beauty salon schooled in skin care) in the Pusan area? Can anyone help me?
They are fairly common. What part of the city are you in?
matt sid
I went to a really good place a few weeks ago. And there are many all over the city. The Korean word is 피부과 Pi Bu Gwa. The guy I saw is located in Daeyeon, near the Kyungsung Subway station in the same building as TGI's (4th floor I think). His English was ok.

The place looks expensive, but was very reasonbly priced.
Just curious, what sort of treatments do they do in a Pi Bu Gua?
matt sid
I'm sure some one else may be better qualified to answer this, but from what I can gather they offer both medical and cosmetic treatments. 

For example I went because I dropped a boiling pan of water on my foot. He treated and dressed the wound and prescribed the necessary antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs.

I am sure they also deal with chemical peels for acne, removal of moles , blemishes and warts etc.
I've posted before. Basquait clinic at the Myuongyoun dong Exit. Get off at the exit for Lotte. Go over the bridge. Don't go to the dept store but walk down to the opposite side and walk about 40-50m It is on the 2nd floor in a glass building. The Docs name is Choi and his English is excelent...
I go to D.Kim's Skin Clinic located in Dushil. It's on the 3rd floor of the Pusan Bank building. He speaks English well and the staff is friendly.
thanks for the information everyone. If anyone has specifics, i'm looking to get the layer of scum off my face that seems to have developed after over a year in korea. My face has been breaking out like a 14 year olds and i need to find a solution b4 i go on vacation in April. I'm not from Pusan (Goje island) and need to find a place accesible to a "tourist".
rolleyes.gif Well I do not know if you are still looking but this might still be helpful to you or some other readers. Today on the bus I was riding home after work I saw this poster for a cosmetic and skin clinic. The telephone number is 051-244-2888 and the website It gave the the actual name in English but I thought that part I remember so did not copy it down.
There is a dermatologist located behind Top Mart / Lotte Mart in Jangsan. It's on the 5th floor. He speaks English. I went there 3 days ago, and I'm going again today.
I need to get a couple moles removed by laser. Will a "pibugwan" do this? I've seen laser clinics around but where are they around Busan?
matt sid
Yep pibugwans will do that treatment. Was told it's really cheap as well, like 10 bucks.
...and I am still surprised as why more here do not take advantage of it. Well perhaps they just are not aware of it or do not realize how cheap it is.

Just wanted to update and say the Basquait is still around and providing excellent and inexpensive care. Dr. Choi not only speaks excellent English, but is a very helpful doctor as well. He also takes insurance for care that is covered by the national health program - as in non-cosmetic dermatology. The above directions are correct, and the clinic actually covers floor 2, 3, & 4, although the main reception is on the 2nd floor. The sign is in Korean, which also says "pibugwan," but look for the large green cross "medical symbol" and you'll know that you are there. It's just past a fancy haircare place...
I assume by Myuongyoun dong Exit you're referring to the subway? What line is that on? I've only been here a couple months and have only started messing with taking the subway as its a forty-five minute walk from my apartment.
It's Exit 126, on the Orange line. It's one past (north) of Dongnae, or 2 stops before PNU.

Here's a handy map I used a lot to find stuff on the subway when I first got here: Busan English Subway Map
It's been a few weeks since I posted and I'm finally getting around to hitting up the dermo. Anyone sure if Dr. Choi is still in business? It's been three months since that post, so I'd assume so, but you never know in Korea.
I went to one in Seomyeon who spoke decent English, and the building is VERY easy to get to. If you're facing Lotte Department Store [on that side of the street] turn left. There's a building just beyond the weird fake christmas tree they have [had?] set up. Walk in that direction, and you'll see one of those teal and pink LG Telecom stores on the ground level. Just to the right of that store there is an entrance. Take the elevator up to the 9th floor. The price was reasonable. I ended up paying more for the meds and lotion than I did for the visit. Around 35,000 won total.

Hope this helps!
Rockiavelli - I can't be sure since I haven't been back, but his office is definitely well-established, and I went based on a post from a while back myself. His office is on several floors, and seems to be doing well, so I would genuinely (even for Korea) be shocked if he wasn't there anymore.

I've just been to this office today - great directions, thanks! The place is called "Skin Land" and their website is - has their hours (they're open on Saturdays, which is great!), and a place where you can make an online appointment, but you can just go in without an appointment. They saw me in twenty minutes, checked me out in 2, charged me 10,000 for the appointment, and then gave me a prescription which was only another 15,000 at the pharmacy. It was fairly easy, and there's a helpline which has English speakers, too.
Are these Pi Buk Gwa places typically open on Saturdays?
Do you mean that there is no bus from your area which will connect with the subway? Usually there always is and if you have a Hanaro traffic card the transfers are very inexpensive.






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