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Dental: Info needed rel. quick

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Dental: Info needed rel. quick
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Does anyone have any dental experience with 

-Gwanghye hospital, "Share and Together" Chia Dream Dental clinic, and Yon's Dental Clinic (all located in Dongnae)?

Have a appt. scheduled with Yon's in the Dongnae Lotte, but the costs seems a bit steep- the price for a crown is 400,000 and 500,000 for porcelain and gold, respectively. Heard a few recommendations here and the docs seemed like they knew what they were doing.

Also checked out Chia Dream dental by Myungnyung Stat.- a glut of the elderly apparently trusted the place for their dental needs- quoting me 350,000 and 400,000 for a porcelain and gold crown, respectively. Additionally, the place seems like it was doing well.

Called Gwanghye- 350,000 and 400,000 etc.

Which would you recommend? while saving 200 would be nice, I'd rather not sacrifice quality.


Update: Chia quote 1,600,000, total cost for - two wisdom teeth extractions, 2 inlays, 2 crowns (900,000 total), one implant, and 3 ...I believe fillings. Yon's said I should wait for the wisdom tooth, didn't mention an implant, and said something about fillings/inlays which I forget. Need help deciding.

Thanks again

joe melius
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Re: Dental: Info needed rel. quick
Hey. I went to the Seoul MS Dental Clinic in Yeonsan. It seems like I paid around 200,000 for a gold crown. They're located at Yeonsan station, Exit #4. Call them at 051)866-2275 or stop in (same building as the Outback).
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Re: Dental: Info needed rel. quick

I'm currently in the process of having a tooth refilled at Yon Dental in Dongnae and I really like the dentist there as well as his staff. They speak decent English, they are friendly, the place is quiet, and they have a good reputation with excellent credentials. I found them to be a lot cheaper than the San Francisco Dental Clinic. 

For a simple white resin filling--   SF: 320,000   Yon: 100,000

For a ceramic inlay--   SF: 900,000   Yon: 250,000

Honestly, those prices are fair to me and pretty close to what I would pay back in Sydney to have the same thing done. For me, I'd rather pay a little extra to make sure that I had it all done properly. Dr. Kim at Yon is well certified and decorated n implants. I'd expect a high quality crown there. He was also really gentle and for the only the second time in my life, I did not feel the novicane shot go in! The only thing I don't like is that they put a cloth over your face during procedures. I'd rather watch than wonder what's going on in there! :)

I go back on Wednesday to finish my filling and get the tile put on. I recommend them.

Jin Ramyeon
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Re: Dental: Info needed rel. quick

Can you give directions to Yon Dental Clinic?



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Re: Dental: Info needed rel. quick

Take the line 1 train to Myeongnyun station (one past Dongnae). The Lotte Department store is across the street from the station (take the sky bridge).

Yon Dental is on the 8th floor and hidden in a back corner by some elevators.

They open at 10:30 am.

Good luck!

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