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credit cards for foreign teachers?

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credit cards for foreign teachers?
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I was wondering if anyone has any information on how or what to do to get a credit card in Korea.  I work at a hagwon and i heard i can only get a prepaid credit card.  If anyone could relay some info, i would appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: credit cards for foreign teachers?

Call The Busan Global Center, the phone number is 1577-7716 that provids the civil appeal business info, a Korean law info, real estate info, open a cell phone acctount info, and other information on aspects of daily life service for foreigners.

I hope it would help.

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Re: credit cards for foreign teachers?
Yes, you need to put a deposit down in order to get a credit card.  Whatever deposit you put down, your credit card limit will be 70 to 80% of that.  KEB has a great global credit card and excellent english website service.  I got one the second year I was here and have had it for 2 years.  Warning though, they will automatically put you down to pay the balance in full every month.  On the keb website, you can change amounts of 50000 won or higher to installments for up to one year. When you cancel the card, they will take out the remaining balance and give you the remainder of the deposit back to you.
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Re: credit cards for foreign teachers?
That's not true. I never had to put down a deposit either of my BC card or My KEB visa.
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