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Cool New English Bookstore in Jangsan

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Cool New English Bookstore in Jangsan
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(this is not an ad, just sharing info about a cool bookstore I'd like to see succeed).

I was walking down the street today and saw a sign for Kim's English Books.  She has lots of children's books, textbooks, books for teens, and a good selection of adult fiction and non-fiction.  Her selection is comparable to Young Poong, Kyobo, or most other bookstores in the area.  Her prices are pretty good, too.  She also mentioned that she has a book borrowing system, but I didn't ask how that works.

She has been open for four months, but I don't know how well her business is doing.  I think it would be a good idea to give her some support as an independent book seller!  I'm also pretty sure she can order any book she doesn't carry.


Jangsan, Exit 10.  Lotte Supermarket will be on your right.  Keep walking straight.  You'll see a big yellow sign that says Kim's English Books.



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I reposted it on the Meetup site too.

Books rule! Small book shops are good news.


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Good Spot

I visited this store last weekend. It's really new and the selection is a good start. The prices are cheaper than Kyobo or Sfunz  and the lady is super nice. It's a cool independent that would be good to support. The woman is open to suggestions.  

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