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Joined: 02/01/2010
Computer Help
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Does anyone know of a place that I can go to get my laptop fixed where they speak enough English to help?  Thanks in advance

Joined: 09/15/2009
Gaya Computer Town

I am not sure about their English abilities but your best bet would be somewhere like Gaya computer town near Seomyeon. It's between Dong Eui and Gaegeum subway stations across from Homeplus and there are dozens of shops there.

You might get lucky with someone under 30, it seems that sometimes younger techy types have ok English.

Joined: 02/01/2010
Can I ask the brand of your

Can I ask the brand of your laptop?

You can post your quesitons in their forums.

Joined: 02/01/2010
Visiting computer tech from Canada. What's wrong with it?

I am a visiting computer tech from Canada.  I may be able to help.  What's wrong with it anyway?

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