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joe kimchi
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coin laundry
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Anyone know of a coin laundry in Busan (with directions)? 

Joined: 09/16/2009
Re: Coin Laundry?

There is a great coin wash in KSU. Its on the same road as Thursday Party/Dugout/Lzone...but towards Namcheon a few blocks down. Big blue sign that says 'Coin Wash'

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Re: Coin Laundry?

Here it is on Naver Map View

2012.03.24 | 지도 크게 보기©  NHN Corp.

and Google Map Link Here



Travis Kemp
Joined: 12/21/2009
Re: Coin Laundry?

there is one on the road down from starface on dalmaji hill. believe its the same franchise as the one in the managers post

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Re: coin laundry in Busan

There are  some Coin Laundry in Busan. here I introduce 3 coin-laundry in Busan 

All opens 24 hours, coin laundry (self-laundry).  Location/Tel No. as follows.


1) Coin Wash 24  in Kyungsung University :  Subway line 2, KSU Station, Exit No.1

www.blog.naver.com/laundry24    Tel (010)3562-6268

2) Coin Wash 24, DaeYeon : subway line 2, DaeYeon Station, Exit No.1.  

www.blog.naver.com/laundry26   Tel (010)2834-6268

Above  2 Coin Laundry are very close, less than 1 km.  You can visit any of the laundry nearest to you.

3) Coin Laundry, Haeundae Centum  : Near to City Rail Jaesong Station.



For more information (if supported by Korean), Visit  http://www.부산빨래방.kr

Joined: 09/24/2009
Re: coin laundry
There is one at GwangAn Station in a one-room apartment building
Joined: 11/02/2010
Re: coin laundry

Yeah - next to one of those cell phone shops and a kimbob place 

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