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Busan Place/Website for Reliable Classifieds?

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Busan Place/Website for Reliable Classifieds?
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So, I know that personal ads are not allowed here, and Dave's ESL allows it, but what other online markets do we have access to sell our stuff?

I'm Korean/American, my Korean is pretty solid, so any pointers to korean sites would be acceptable as well, but I figure most of the personal stuff I end up selling would be more interested for a westerner's perspective.

Any pointers?

Joined: 08/16/2010
Re: Busan Place/Website for Reliable Classifieds?

go to Naver.com and search: 중고나라

I don't have a lot of experience there but I know they have loads of categories. As for english sites...Koreabridge is the only one for Busan...
Craigslist for seoul and others.

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