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''Busan Global Village in Busan is searching for fun teachers.''

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Re: ''Busan Global Village in Busan is searching for fun ...

I think I know who this is :) Hi!

Every time I try to type about BGV all the good is over shadowed  by my last few days there. They do a shitty thing with the flight money at the end. I rant every time I try to explain it but long story short they are a business and they will do what they can to spend less money. 

Easy work, good pay.

They aren't great but you could work at a way worse place. I wish they would treat the Korean teachers better.

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Re: ''Busan Global Village in Busan is searching for fun ...

Can you be more specific about the hijinx? I'm curious.

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Re: ''Busan Global Village in Busan is searching for fun ...

General note: much of what's available online in English about BGV is quite outdated. A lot of changes have been made since opening in 2009, so keep an eye on the posting date of anything you read.

Turnover: As to the "always looking for people" - it's true, but not due to the reason that many think. Between our 3 programs, we have 25-30 foreign teachers (and 25-30 Korean teachers as well), so contracts start and end at various times of the year. Normally I'd agree that a high turnover would be reason for concern, but with a teaching staff of this size, it comes with the territory. Others will say that teachers should be staying for multiple years if they're satisfied - again, a good point, but keep in mind that many enthusiastic, reliable teachers are only looking for a year abroad. They are quite capable of doing their job well, but will return to their home country after 1 year. 10 of our current foreign teachers are in at least their 2nd year, with one teacher having been here over 8 years.

Disclaimer: I assist in recruiting and hiring for BGV, so I am a bit biased. As of posting this, I've just started my 4th year here, so obviously satisfied with how things are run. Happy to answer any questions personally (since Koreabridge doesn't allow employer reviews due to libel laws).

For more info, we recently updated our website.

Program description: https://www.bgv.co.kr/page/recruite-detail.php 

Application portal: https://www.bgv.co.kr/kor/recruite 

Past job posting (has a lot of commonly asked basic job detail questions related to Regular Program, where the majority of our teachers are assigned): http://joblistings.myteachinghouse.com/jobs/31317  

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