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Breeze Burn, Great Burger/Brunch Resto on Gwangalli Beach

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Breeze Burn, Great Burger/Brunch Resto on Gwangalli Beach
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I finally got around to trying this new grill-style burger specialty above-ground resto with outdoor patio. Cool design. It's located btw. Coffee Bean and Pascucci. 

The menu lists several burger choices, ranging from basic to spicy to monster deluxe to some pineapple deal. All come with real cheese and self-described organically grown toppings (lettuce, tomato). I had the basic -- the meat is a large, thick patty, made there on the premises it appeared. It was pretty awesome, puts Kraze burger to shame, and only W5,900. (Other patrons were happily digging into other yummy looking dishes.) Also tried a plate of cheesy fries (about W3,500). Quite good, nicely crispy on the outside with lots of melted cheese (they bring ketchup, you have to ask for salt & pepper). A slight sugary taste, though, from the additive I believe many NA joints now use in their cooking oil... nasty stuff.

Topped off with a decent Americano coffee with steamed milk, sitting on the raised floor patio overlooking the beach on a gorgeous, sunny day (the sun beams reight in there)... it doesn't get any better than that! Next up, the substantive looking set brunch they serve on weekends from 10-2, just W8,300. This place deserves to be supported.
Where, exactly is it. The only Pascucci I know is on Gwangali Beach. Is that where it is?
That's where it is
The thread title actually says Gwangalli beach.
Ah! On the main page, though, it just says Breeze Burn and I didn't see the full title in the post!

The name is actually Breeze Burn's.
I ate here last weekend. Had the bacon burger. Pretty good, came with sauteed onions which was nice. I wouldn't say it puts Kraze Burger to shame, probably comparable. Most likely cheaper. I do like that they decided to carry "American" fries instead of the horrible French fries I have to eat everywhere else, haha.
They do add a 10% VAT tax though which sh1ts me. It seems some foreign themed restaurants do this and others don't. Is it a legitimate tax or is just deceptive pricing to make the food look more affordable?

Anyway, I've been there a couple of times and it's nice as an option but it's certainly nothing special and not a place I get particularly excited about. I also find their chairs particularly uncomfortable.
Tried the brunch yesterday. Overall, except for the price and substantial enough size, disappointing. Fried eggs overdone; frozen wedge fries instead of home fries, hash browns or, perish the thought, grits! (wouldn't that be something in ol' Korea); some decent rye toast on the plate but sprinkled with sugar (not kosher); the bacon was ok but the one sausage was not sufficiently heated through -- in fact, everything cooked was served luke warm. So, until that's fixed, I'd stick with the burgs and sandwiches. My Korean companions, who quite enjoyed the latter, concurred.
I wasn't impressed with anything there and will not go again. I left still feeling hungry and ripped-off.
I must counter my dear friend vp1 (who is quite hard to impress on any level) by saying that I was indeed..impressed. Not being a cow eater, I opted for the yellow fin tuna sandwich with onion rings. Simple but good quality bread and fixings, and certainly not a ripoff at 6,000. My wife went the extreme route and ordered the most expensive burger on the menu, the Amazing Burger (I believe) for 12,000. Friggin' huge, Aussie beef, bacon, cheese..! Honestly, the biggest burger I've ever seen, and her plate was clean at the end. She most certainly did not leave feeling hungry!

Since most people know that Busan is not an international culinary mecca, good eats can be hard to find. This place has good eats. And with the deck overlooking the beach coupled with the San Miguel and Hoegaarden on tap...I'll be back.
Let me know next time you're going back, I might come along with you.
The place was dead, but three of us went, and three of us left very satisfied. We had the original, bacon cheese, and the amazing burger - all with no sauce. They were great. We also got the cheese fries, which were decent. They don't have any fancy selections like Kraze Burger, but I really enjoyed their burgers and will be back again.
In a word, blecch. The burgers are way over-seasoned to taste like a bad version of a sweet Italian sausage. The texture of the meat is mushy, definitely over-handled (that's what she said). The best part of the whole burger was the bun which was way too hearty and big for such a wimpy burger. Much prefer Kraze burger to this half-hearted attempt.
The chili cheese fries were a minor disappointment; fries were okay, the chili was a dried out hot-dog chili with no real flavor, way too much grease, and the cheese was about half the amount I expected.



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