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Bike Paths/Trails
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Hi - I just got a bike and want to hit some nice paths or trails... But not sure where to go or where to start other than the path around Gwang that leads along the Suyeong River... 


Any info would be great thanksssss :)

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Re: Bike Paths/Trails

There are great bike paths if you continue up the Suyoung river, they are on both sides of the river.   The one on the left connects to Oncheoncheon stream under a bridge but you need to go on a narrow road for about 700 meters.  Then you can straight to Kumjung mountain.  Also beside Nakdong river there are decent paths.  Many more are coming in a next 2 years in Haeundae.

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Re: Bike Paths/Trails

It's not a path or trail, but the ride along the coast road from Song Jeong beach to Jin Ha beach just below Ulsan is lovely. Relatively traffic free, great scenery and pretty easy as well.

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Re: Bike Paths/Trails

Anyone interested in Mountain Biking.  Check out www.sports-tracker.com.

Click "EXPLORE" tab.  Zoom in on Busan and you will find many paths or trails in Busan.

Hope this info is useful. They also have a smartphone app.



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Re: Bike Paths/Trails

Found this online but haven't had a chance to check it out. Has any one cycled here at Gijang? Are they willing too meet up and be a guide :)?

Not far from Haeundae as maybe only 30 mins on a bike and then onto the circuits.


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