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Are clothes cheaper in the US or in Korea?

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Are clothes cheaper in the US or in Korea?
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I will moving to Busan in August and am trying to decide if I should buy my teaching clothes in the US or in Korea. I would love to hear what you guys have to say.

Re: Are clothes cheaper in the US or in Korea?

I find in general clothes are much cheaper in America, especially any type of brand names. However, ir your a guy and you think you will fit into Korean sizes mens dress clothes are often quite cheap here.

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Re: Are clothes cheaper in the US or in Korea?
What size are you? That makes all the difference. Personally, I find it easier to buy clothes at home and bring them back here. I like the shop Giordano. It has pretty decent Gap-like clothes, but everything is too small for me. I'm not even a big guy. 5'9" and a 36 inch waist. Their khakis only go up to size 34. Shops that tend to have my size have clothes that are, in my estimation, incredibly unflattering...lots of checks, plaids, and other patterns that someone imagines we middle aged men like. Costco has clothes sized to fit westerners. The department stores have name brands but at full-price. I'd sooner not pay full price for a polo shirt and khakis. I haven't been "on the ground" in the street shopping areas (Nampodong, etc.) in a long time, so maybe someone else can give you better advice about where to find decent clothes heap from a street vendor. I shop on-line at L.L. Bean, have it shipped to my mail forwarder in the US who then re-packs it so it looks like a gift from family because having it sent straight from the company requires a rather high tariff be paid. That's my preferred method. It may not be the best for you.
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