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Apostille sevices

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Apostille sevices
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Hey guys!

It turns out I need another Apostille, this time for a copy of my degree. 

I don't have a lot of time, so I was going to use an Apostille service like USauthentication.com . I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them or a service similar to them!

I hear you can get something apostille within a week!

Is this true at all?

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Re: Apostille sevices



in about a week! 

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Re: Apostille sevices


Does the above service provide an English service?

is the compnay based in Busan and am I able to go in person to drop my degree off?



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Re: Apostille sevices

I used the apostille.co.kr mentioned above for my background check + apostille and my diploma + apostille. I got everything back in about 8 weeks. it is a tad expensive but totally worth it if you are in a bind. They are located in Seoul so you just need to mail everything, but you can send throught the mail with a tracking number. They can speak enough english.

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