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50CC scooter and car driving licence procedure

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50CC scooter and car driving licence procedure
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Dear Friends,

I am interested in 50cc scooter licence and car driving licence.

I am new in Changwon korea and I dont have my own country's driving licence so far.

1) Please give your opinion on 50cc scooter driving licence process + scooter registration process + insurance company and process + name plate process + driving licence office in Changwon or nearby changwon address.

2) Also please share how to get car driving licence in Changwon korea as I dont have my previous driving licence and also is there any english driving school in Changwon or near to Changwon where I can learn driving the car and trafic rules?Where to attend the examination of car driving and how much time required from start to end procedure of getting the car driving for beginner?

Thank you very much.




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