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Clothing donations Some buildings have boxes in Anonymous
Some buildings have boxes in the basement next to the garbage...
11 years 3 days ago
Waves in Haeundae Beach waves last week dcross

Yeah, I think the most frustrating thing about the surfing ban is the arbitrary enforcement and just the unreasonable  and unflexible enforcers. We surfed good mipo on sunday and even gwangali was looking fun.  With the growing popularity (take a look at the out of control "surf zone" at songjeong) maybe we can come up with a solution or compromise.  Why not do what...

11 years 4 days ago
Waves in Haeundae Beach surfing allowed, only for the early birds mattytown

Swimming was banned all day but surfing and body boarding was allowed before 9AM. The waves were all time, perfect swell window.  Im still on cloud 9.  Being from San Diego I am starving for a decent wave in this city.  I got my fill, pretty much had my pick of every set.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Koreans can't surf when the waves are good. ...

11 years 4 days ago
Busan to Jinhae Bus Anonymous
You can get a bus from Sasang Bus Terminal for around w2000. The terminal is next to the subway (Sasang station).
11 years 5 days ago
Counselors Therapists Psychiatrists, Counsellors in the Seoul area Online therapy Anonymous
Please contact for further details
11 years 5 days ago
Waves in Haeundae Beach Yeah i know, living thru my Anonymous
Yeah i know, living thru my 2nd year . Never thought I would pray for September! They should see the waves in SoCal, like the Wedge, now there is reason for concern, but fun!
11 years 5 days ago
Waves in Haeundae Beach waves in Haeundae Beach Anonymous
hockeyrick, The reason for this is that a huge proportion of the people at the beach would get into trouble if they were allowed to swim in anything remotely resembling a swell, it's sad but true, if you spent much time in any of the swimming pools around Busan you would quickly come to this realization. Really mate, if you wanna catch some waves you'll have to wait until September and October,...
11 years 6 days ago
TESOL Diploma TESOL, if I’m not mistaken is Anonymous
TESOL, if I'm not mistaken is an official certificate for teaching ESL. ESL certificates can be generic and unrecognized. I'm pretty sure for an institution to be authorized to grant TESOL certificates, their programs have to be accredited. The schools that offer just general ESL certificates probably just give you a lesson in teaching English their way and give you a piece of paper for your...
11 years 1 week ago
I Am a Fat Expat. Hear Me Chew. You think guys stand in the Anonymous
You think guys stand in the corners of bars and rate women on their marriagability? As in, "Hey Bob, check out that one. I wouldn't marry her if my life depended on it." Sure. Whatever.
11 years 1 week ago
South Korea Trip- Gimhae 김해 awesome^^ ashleykim


I'm ashley PD at busan e-FM.

ur next story is very interesting~

specially, I live in Gimhae^^

so, If u have comfortable time, let me know~

I hope to report ur traveling story~~~~*

11 years 1 week ago
Strip Clubs? Strip Clubs inyofase

 In Korea? ROTFL. Try Thailand

11 years 1 week ago
knitters i am in changwon! Let me Anonymous
i am in changwon! Let me know when you decide Times dates, etc. Are you on ravelry? I am aeshether on there or you can get me at the same username at I haven't got a phone yet, so let me know by email! Thanks!
11 years 6 weeks ago
Building a Better Koreabridge, part 1 Thanks, Jeff! It seems most Baltimoron

Thanks, Jeff!

It seems most of the Korea-related podcasts and other programming is Seoul-based. Is there a southern, Busan-oriented product only Busan-based expats can bring?

11 years 17 weeks ago
Building a Better Koreabridge, part 1 A few post-webcast thoughts manager

[riffly_video]989906802AD311DE9D5EC94D49680BD4[/riffly_video] Link to the community contribution Forum Thread

11 years 17 weeks ago
Building a Better Koreabridge, part 1 Podcast Feedback Baltimoron

I considered joining the podcast, but I wasn't certain what Jeff Lebow had planned for KB and PW. It's been 12 years, and I have loving memories of PW. I still go to the movies section to access the link for Lotte or CGV if I want to check out what's playing. I used to receommend the site for students, but not recently. I just hope this is a serious push to reclaim what was a great resource....

11 years 17 weeks ago
Fabric fabric... everlong

If you are in Busan, i recommend Busanjin market. You can get off at the beomil-dong stop and look for the sign for busanjin market. It's pretty huge and sells anything from fabric, beads, jewlery, to bedding and kitchen appliances. It's one of my favorite places. Good luck!

11 years 18 weeks ago
giants schedule Lotte Giants Schedule manager
2009 Lotte Giants Baseball Schedule

This is the  schedule for the Lotte Giants, Busan's pro baseball team.  To get there by subway, take line 3. Get off at Sajik Station and follow the...

11 years 19 weeks ago
Haeundae to airport take the airport Limosine... Anonymous
take the airport Limosine... its about 6,000 won and goes to all the major hotels in Haeundae Beach... it runs about every 20 minutes
11 years 21 weeks ago
Flickr Images not working.  Currently the emfield module manager

 Currently the emfield module is supporting photobuck, imageshack, and picassa, but I can't seem to get Flickr working.   Hopefully we can get if figured out soon. 


11 years 24 weeks ago

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