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Infamy lol wak Jay Vander

Check your grammar and spelling to buddy. If i knew i was being graded on that and not the facts perhaps that would be important but i like how you try to deflect from the issue that you are wrong-yet again.

Yes divorce and suicide are the highest among OECD countries. Yes korea ranked last among OECD countries for social spending and so on. Yes teachers do not get paid well here-not...

9 years 44 weeks ago
Bucheon, Incheon or Busan? Busan, definately Busan Waylander

I live in Busan.  My Girlfriend is from Seoul and her parents live in Bucheon.  Have you ever been to Korea?  Well, if you have been here or not the choice is simple.  If you are someone who is deeply commited to having a constant music/art scene around you at all times then go live in Hongdae in Seoul.  It is an international city with a music and art scene (not...

9 years 44 weeks ago
Infamy Oh and Jay Vander, I will wakold

Oh and Jay Vander, I will teach you a basic English lesson today. When you want to say "also", if you use the synonym "too", it takes actually two "o's", not one. Repeat after me: your positions are usually quite ignorant too.

I'm pointing that out because you obviously don't know how to write such a simple word, as I could deduct from...

9 years 44 weeks ago
Infamy Did I say big bad Americans wakold

Did I say big bad Americans are responsible for Gwangju? I simply said they approved the massacre, you are the one making things up. I'm happy you answer other people's posts with such hatred and that you could find so many insults to shout to make your point, and all this without being moderated. Good job to the moderator of this site. you are a good example of how to totally lack respect...

9 years 44 weeks ago
Infamy That's Great, Because America Hates YOU. pieceofmeat

Many Koreans DO want the American military here, for a variety of reasons.  To deny this or brush people off who believe this as "uneducated" only serves to make you look like the moron with his fingers in his ears.  You may not like it, but this is a fact.  I've been asking adult and uni classes about troop presence for five years now, and I can tell you that the...

9 years 44 weeks ago
BIKE MECHANIC? bike hardpuncher

I own a Hyosung Mirage and I live in Yeonsan Dong.  Cheers for the info on the guy out in Gwangali, I'll check him out.  What's the name of the shop?

9 years 44 weeks ago
Infamy wacky dcross

Wacky, all your arguments might be taken more seriously if you didnt come from a place of anger and bitterness. Being able to see multiple sides of an issue is a sign of intelligence. Keep that in mind and you might not come off like such a one-sided, kneejerk nutjob all the time. Literally all. the. time.

9 years 44 weeks ago
Infamy oh Wak Jay Vander

More pro Korean rhetoric. Hating people for where they are born, which is no fault of their own, shows great ignorance. Your positions are usually quite ignorant to. One sided-straight from the Korean education system.

9 years 44 weeks ago
Are foreign English teachers too expensive, or Korean English teachers too cheap? Wakfold Jay Vander

Oh by the way man, you once siad you were not Korean but you definately are .All your stats make Korean come out smelling great but here you wrong again. You wrong about suicide and diorce to. Korean teachers are not one of the highest paid of all OECD countries and having worked in 7 public schools here, I have never heard of them getting free transportation. If they make close to 2mil to...

9 years 44 weeks ago
Infamy Well, nice to point that wakold

Well, nice to point that out.

But we can add more. USA virtually divided Korea (and therefore is completely responsible for the Korean war). Not only that, after the USA "freed" Korea from the Japanese rule, they made pro-Japanese Koreans in high government positions, and that goes on and on.

What else? They approved violent military assaults to the Korean population...

9 years 44 weeks ago
Are foreign English teachers too expensive, or Korean English teachers too cheap? salaries Jay Vander

Some Koreans who work in Hagwons make less tha a mil-that is true but most pay 1.3 or so. When you think about minimum wage being 3500 per hour (i think it still is), that pay is not bad at all. Being a real teacher gets you better pay but teachers just out of school who are not english majors and so on may get like 800 a month. I have taught at over 40 schools in Busan (and my wife many to-...

9 years 44 weeks ago
Spices and Cooking Supplies Gimhae Angel

Try Kimhae- chinae or downtown.


Qamar, the owner of the Tandoori bar has all the ingredients in one place(Foreign Food Mart).You could buy them, have a curry, and then watch Pocolambro on the 18th of this month.Take the 123, 1000, 128 , 128-1 from Busan or the Subway ( then bus).Get off in the Dwontown area, find the 4 way jucntion (sarguri), it is in the lanes opposite...

9 years 44 weeks ago
Are foreign English teachers too expensive, or Korean English teachers too cheap? Sorry my friend but I wakold

Sorry my friend but I honestly highly doubt that Korean teachers, whether English teachers or general school teachers, earn even near 880,000won per month.

I read your link to the 880,000 generation, and they say students earn that kind of salary because they cannot find a job related to their field of study, and to pay back their loans they get a part-time job. Typically in Korea most...

9 years 44 weeks ago
3rd Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction (Fundraiser for Busan orphanages) food update mattsid

Quiznos is catering sandwiches to the event too!

So our food tally is:

Quiznos - sandwiches
Costco - chips, pretzels, cookies, cake rolls
Au Bon Pain - chocolate covered strawberries, monkey bread, creme de fleur, and other stuff i can't remember

I hope you all bring your appetites!!! Looks like there'll be a lot of food. :-)

9 years 44 weeks ago
Spices and Cooking Supplies All over town! mattsid

Everything you want is readily available if you are willing to travel a bit. On the other hand with a little compromise it's all available in the same place.

Compromise: Use ground nutmeg and ground cinamon and you can go to somewhere like Homeplus or Megamart, since both also stock cream and vanilla extract. Look for the vanilla in the baking sections. I can't recall ever seeing...

9 years 44 weeks ago
BIKE MECHANIC? What kind of bike do you own? joshuabeagle

What kind of bike do you own? Where do you live?

9 years 44 weeks ago
BIKE MECHANIC? cant say for sure if it is Muskokas Own

cant say for sure if it is the same guy mechanic, but I will agree with dcross.  If it's the one I'm thinking of (right up the street from the Lotteria on Gwangalli, about 2-3 blocks) there's a great place.  Bought a bike on a whim, the brakes were squeaky, he installed brand new brakes, fixed my horn, replaced the cable for my speed/odometer and it cost me 16 000.  He also...

9 years 44 weeks ago
BIKE MECHANIC? good mechanic dcross

I have a mechanic that has always been fair, reasonable, and has kept my bike running.  He's in Gwangali right down the street (towards the beach) from the gwangali subway stop.  They'll pick up your bike for you too if you can give them your address.  If youre not close to that location, i have heard positive things about another mechanic outside the gaegum subway stop but i...

9 years 44 weeks ago
BIKE MECHANIC? mechanic Pronomad

The only good mechanics I know are in Ulsan.  If you want their contact info let me know and I'll see if I can find it.

9 years 44 weeks ago
Masters in Education or Teaching Licensure in Korea Australia Waylander

Check the Australian programs.  U of Tasmania has a Masters in Ed fully online.  Plus the Australian Ed programs online or not have a good reputation.

9 years 44 weeks ago
moving house removel man hillyrob1

Hi guys just wanted to say thanks to all of you who commented and gave me such good information.  I will follow up on the numbers and quote the new figure to my school.  I wouldn't mind but I am only moving one stop away from where I am now! Thanks again guys x

9 years 45 weeks ago
moving house Theye probably won't care but... Waylander

At least if they know he can research and find accurate information about doing something in Busan they will be less likely to try something sneaky next time.

9 years 45 weeks ago
Jigsaw Scary 8Cube (not verified)

Dang, kinda reminds me of Beetlejuice. Scary!

9 years 45 weeks ago
moving house nice one waylander! Jay Vander

i sent this person an email saying i would help in getting a truck. nothing is worse than people who think just because you do not speak their language, you are an idiot and can easily be ripped off. i mentioned to hillyrob to make sure he tells his school he knows what they are doing. although, sadly, they would not blink an eye because they do not care but anyway...

9 years 45 weeks ago
moving house Try this number Waylander

I have used this guy twice.  Once when moving my girlfriend out of a one room.  5 pieces of furniture and about a dozen boxes (50,000)w.  And another time moving a three bedroom with two trucks, 3 helpers and a full half day of work.  That cost 300,000w.  Your school is actively trying to steal from you.  Tell them the average price for a Bongo truck in Busan...

9 years 45 weeks ago

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