Selling Clothes and Other Items Part 2

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Prices are negotiable. Big items must be picked up. Clothing can be shipped for 4,000 won extra. 

Futon- laying down (108cmX180X35)  As a couch (88cmX180X80)- 50,000 won (Minor wear and tear) 

Bike- Mint Green- foldable- 90,000 won (only used twice)



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Joined: 03/11/2016
Re: Selling Clothes and Other Items Part 2
Hello. Am interested in the trousers The Chinese 6xl. Please can you ship them? I live in Ulsan.
Joined: 03/17/2014
Re: Selling Clothes and Other Items Part 2

I see I may be too late for the slacks, and it pains me deeply.  However, I hope to be the claimant for that phenomenal bikini.  I plan to present it as a wedding gift for my future Korean inlaws.  From the picture, I'm led to understand that these are not new, but perhaps gently used?  If you were to rate them on a scale from 1 (meaning unworn and still in their original package) to 10 (something that washed up on the beach ((and miraculously as a set!)) which was fished out of the briny depths), would you place it at a 5 or lower (in this case, lower is better)?  This will basically be a dowry and I simply cannot have Mrs. Kim balk at my gift;  I'm far too old, and my stipend allowed me by my original family far too small to go much beyond this price.  Quite honestly, I've been searching for months on free wifi I've curtailed from my neighbors and have not found a singlular item as economical nor as thoughtful as this worn bathing suit which you've advertised here.  I thank you and believe this may be the deciding factor in cementing a lasting truce between Mrs. Kim and myself. (I've naturally redacted her actual name and replaced it with a generic Kim, however, things being what they are, it's entirely likely that is her family name, but that's my little secret ;[) Anyway, I digress.) 

Now, let's get down to the nickels and dimes of this whole thing; as I stated previously, I'm not being chaufeured around town in a fancy Chairman and so I cannot afford the garments available at the ritzy byc down the street.  Thus, I propose a compromise;  should I make my way to Seomyeon, would you agree to pay half my transfer fare?  It's only slightly off my normal route and thus I don't expect you to pay the entirity of the costs, but about 200won should suffice. 

Finally, I see that this is a Chinese L, but possibly an American S or XS?  Could you eyeball where it would fall for a middle aged ajuma?  I believe she may be an actual L. But she tries, by god, she tries.  Should you deem it a bit smaller than that, would you please engage in a bit of stretching?  perhaps attach it to your door and frame?  a few days of opening and shutting should be enough.

Thank you, on behalf of myself and my second family!


Ps.  She doesn't like the water, this will be a 'home' bikini.  Is it rated as such?

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