More Board Games for sale!

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1. The Walled City: Londonderry and Borderlands 15,000W
Unique area control game with a tonne of dice.
2. Warrior Knights 100,000W
The classic game of medieval negotiation and warfare. This is a true centrepiece game. Out of print forever, and only played once here.
3. Dungeon Petz + Bonus Pets Promo 35,000W
Don't let the name fool you, this is a heavy thinking working placement from none other than Vlaada Chvatil. Unique theme with fun components and a great puzzle. Comes with Promo Bonus Pets.
4. Baseball Highlights 2045 + all expansions 80,000W
Great unique deck building meets baseball game. Definitely one of the most thematic games I've ever played. Play a quick match or have a World Series!
5. Puerto Rico 25,000W
The game that ushered in action selection. Still a classic and worth having in any collection.
6. Root 80,000W
Destined to become 2018's game of the year. Play as the adorable creatures vying for control of the forest. This is an asymmetric masterpiece.
7. The Settlers of Catan 20,000W
The game that introduced modern gaming into the mainstream. This is an old copy, but everything is in good condition.
8. Star Wars: Rebellion 90,000W
Literally Star Wars in a box. It is the closest representation of the original movies on the tabletop that you can get to. Very fun 2 player game where you play as the rebels or the imperials, competing for control of the galaxy.
thanks for looking!

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