Iphone 7 for 52.000/month + Tablet Pc(limited gift)

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Hi. The offer is still open. I am reposting this, since my friend tried to post this but for some reason it doesn't appear on the page. Iphone 7, 32Gb. Black but since it is still sealed I can change it at the store for any color you want. or 64GB, 128gb or even Iphone 7+. The store said that can arrange this. I believe I got a good deal for it since most of the shops force you to have some expensive package for at least 3 months(with the phone cost coukd reach 100.000/month) . However here I got a deal with 57.000won/months for all unlimited package (unlimited talks, messages and data) or just 52.000/month for unlimited calls and unlimited messages and some LTE data. For Iphone 7+ model was 57.000/month for unlimited as I remember. let me know if you are intersted I will arrange a meeting with the store or visit it with you. o1o29763o42

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Joined: 11/02/2010
Re: Iphone 7 for 52.000/month + Tablet Pc(limited gift)

Just curious, what's your deal? You sell tons of stuff and post the same phones for sale. Are you taking a cut?  

Joined: 09/24/2009
Re: Iphone 7 for 52.000/month + Tablet Pc(limited gift)
It is the same offer I posted before.
Joined: 02/09/2016
Re: Iphone 7 for 52.000/month + Tablet Pc(limited gift)

It's a kind of business for someone. However the platform is only for sale items who want to get ride off from his/her stuff.

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Re: Iphone 7 for 52.000/month + Tablet Pc(limited gift)


How long is the contract? since its 52000won/month. but since i'm a student here, i'm always got rejected by the local stores because of my D-2 visa and they don't accept install payment. which i'm looking for.

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