English (Private & Group) Lessons for Koreans

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Hello, I am Cynn, and I am looking for serious, independent, and responsible young & adult learners with personal goals and motivation in the study of English. I am an independent scholar based in Busan. Academically, I am trained in the humanities and have an advanced degree in philosophy. With a wide range of teaching experiences at college level in Korea and abroad, I have been striving for a while to understand what it means and takes to study English in the Korean context. And I came to a conclusion that it is crucial to put more focus on the aspect of “reading to learn” beyond “learning to read.” Because it is essential to expand your knowledge base as well as to enhance your language skills, I take an integrated approach to the teaching of English. I strongly believe that it can greatly benefit students by better equipping them to handle the challenges of learning a foreign language. I saw many students who are full of enthusiasm struggling and quitting out of frustration after studying for many years. I assume that's because they failed to have a clearer purpose of learning English, thus got stuck in kind of a learning rut. To find ways to tackle the notorious English issue for Korean learners, I will start from the reinforcement of learned vocabs, grammars, & expressions, correcting frequently made mistakes and errors, and move on to providing information on additional useful language resources that can be used for self-study, giving in class as many opportunities as possible to practice spoken & written English, and most importantly, helping tutees develop their own learning strategies, so eventually self-teach themselves. I considers it the biggest goal as a tutor to see them grow into a self-directed learners in their own study who have enough motivation let alone specific personal goals. I can't promise that you'll improve your English QUICKLY, once you take lessons from me, but I bet I'll be able to assist you to handle the challenges of learning a foreign language. I can be the type of tutor who knows no compromise, when it comes to the progress tutees make:) If you want to schedule your first session with me, you know I am a click away! Thanks a bunch!


English Private & GROUP Lessons (Reading & Writing)

    1. 대상학생반 (//고등), 성인반 및 엄마표 영어반

    2. 교재영어신문잡지, or 논문 (Bring Your Own Book)

    3. 인원개인 및 그룹 맞춤형 수업 (min.4 - max.9)

    4. 연락처이메일 cynlee@hanmail.net

    5. 영어 로드맵 개인상담 및 원포인트 레슨 가능

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