Books for Sale or Trade

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Author-title(condition/other information)(price)

Park Min-Gyu-pavane for a dead princess(very good)(10,000)

Choe In-Ho-another man's city(very good)(10,000)

Young Moon Jung-a chain of dark tales(very good)(20,000)

Hideo Okuda-lala pipo(very good)(7,000)

Shiga Naoya-the paper door and other stories(good)(5,000)

Richard Yates-revolutionary road/the easter parade/eleven kinds of loneliness(HCV/very good)(10,000)

Tobias Wolff-our story begins(very good)(5,000)

Larry Brown-big bad love(very good)(5,000)

Thomas Bernhard-gathering evidence(good)(5,000)

Peter Matthiessen-nine headed dragon river(very good)(6,000)

Denis Johnson-Jesus' son(good/cover bent)(3,000)

William Faulkner-the portable faulkner(good)(3,000)

Thomas Ligotti-Noctuary(ibsn-0786702354)(good)(15,000)

Thomas Ligotti-Grimscribe(ibsn-0881847399)(HCV/good)(25,000)

Jim Tully-beggars of life/a hobo autobiography(HCV/fair/no dust jacket)(15,000)

Michael Gray-song and dance man/the art of bob dylan(ibsn-052520685)(HCV/XLB)(fair/no dust jacket)(8,000)

Davis Dunvar MccElroy-existentialism and modern literature (ibsn-0837101794)(HCV/XLB)(good/no dust jacket)(4,000) 

Rust Hills-writing in general and the short story in particular(Fair)(FREE)

Alan Garner-red shift(fair)(FREE)

Katsuiki Sekida-zen training/methods and philosophy(very good)(6,000)

Philip Kapleau-the three pillars of zen(good)(6,000)

Dainin Katagiri-return to silence(very good)(6,000)

Paul Reps-zen flesh, zen bones(good)(3,000)

Zenkei Shibayama-Zen Comments on the Mumonkan(HCV/XLB)(good)(10,000)

Nisargadatta Maharaj-i am that(very good)(5,000)

Thomas Cleary-zen essence/the science of freedom(small book)(fair)(1,000)

Peter Washington-haiku(HCV/XLB)(very good)(5,000)

R H Blyth-Haiku volume 1/Hokuseido press/1984(ibsn-089346158x)(good/clean copy for reading, but someone put a sticker on the inside cover and wrote their name on the page oppostite the inside cover)(30,000)

R H Blyth-Haiku volume 3/Hokuseido press/1984(ibsn-0893461601)(XLB)(good/clean copy for reading, but it's XLB, so it has the usual library markings)(30,000)

R H Blyth-Haiku volumes 1-4/complete set/Hokuseido press/1984(ibsn-0893461849)All 4 books are in good condition, NOT ex-library copies, no writing or markings inside(200,000)


*Below is the list of books I'm looking to obtain and am willing to trade for*

Kjell Askildsen-Selected Stories

Kazufumi Shiraishi-Me against the World

Junnosuke Yoshiyuki- Toward Dusk and other Stories

Kenzo Kitakata-Ashes

Ami Sakurai- Innocent World

Michal Ajvaz-Empty Streets

Akahige Namban-Tokyo Story

Natsuhiko Kyoguku-The Summer of Ubume

William Bronk-Life Supports:New and Collected Poems

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