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1. Dungeon Petz w/ Bonus Pets 40,000W
Heavy thinky euro from Vlaada Chvatil. Don't let the weird name fool you. This is one of the heaviest and most punishing games I've ever played. Great fun.
2. Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery 30,000W
A great game about betraying your friends and battling it out gladiator style.
3. The Walled City: Londonderry and Borderlands 20,000W
Unique area control game with a tonne of dice.
4. Pandemic: Iberia 30,000W
It's Pandemic... on the Iberian peninsula in the 18th century. Beautiful game, classic Pandemic gameplay.
5. Space Alert w/ Space Alert: The New Frontier 70,000W
My most played game over the past 3 years, but I can't see myself getting it to the table much longer. Awesome real time game where you fight space monsters and try to survive the chaos. Really fun with the right group. Comes with the New Frontier expansion, which cranks this game up to 11.
6. Warrior Knights 100,000W
The classic game of medieval negotiation and warfare. This is a true centrepiece game. Out of print forever, and only played once here.
7. Modern Art 25,000W
Does any theme match the gameplay better than this game? The classic game of auctions auctions auctions. Clever and fun.
8. Conquest of Planet Earth 50,000W
Amazing components highlight this flashy fun game from Flying Frog. Be an alien and conquer the Earth. Great fun and lots of riffs off old sci-fi movies.
9. Spirit Island and Branch and Claw Expansion and Promo Spirits 110,000W
Heavy co-operative game where you play as island spirits driving off the invading Europeans. Comes with enough game to kill a horse. Tonnes of Spirits all with their own starting decks, and a multitude of scenarios to play. Awesome game.
thanks for looking!

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