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Ner Year, new me

 New Year, new me


Winter arrives touching the city with the shades of gray, the palette of nature in its decline.  One day, the sunlight gets paler, the sky whiter, and the colors all around us lose the brightness of the summer days.

 I was born in a tropical country.  The sun shines the whole year, the weather is very nice, not too dry, not too humid. There is a month or two where there are naturally occurring fires in the woods, on a daily basis, due to the heat and brightness of the sun. In general, any day would make a great beach day unless it rains. And when it does rain, it actually pours.  I like to think that nature in Venezuela is always a feast for the imagination, exaggerate, voluptuous, giant, convoluted. Fertility is everywhere, at any moment, with a vibrant renewing energy that expands to the hearts of the inhabitants.

A Yin Yoga Sequence: Cultivating the Space Within

by Michael Hetherington


Yin yoga is a style of yoga that emphasizes long holds (around 3-5 minutes) of ground-based yoga poses that focus on lengthening the deep layers of connective tissues that run throughout the body and around the joints. Connective tissue is a like a plastic wrapper that encapsulates every organ, bone and muscle inside our body.

Getting Started with Meditation

by Jesse Diaz

Every aspiring meditator this day and age is beset by a crisis that would seem alien to truth seekers, ages back. The crisis I speak of is one of choice. Back in the day, choices of tradition or teacher were limited depending on one’s culture and good fortune to encounter somebody with skill, knowledge and the ability to instruct. Dubious teachers have always been hazards along the way for a determined aspirant, though usually for lack of options rather than a glut of them. Nowadays, however, it indeed seems that if you can dream it, you can buy it -to slightly modify Dr. Frank N. Furter’s inspirational adage.

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