Yeongnam Alps

Autumn Hiking in South Korea: Part 5 가지산 (Gajisan)

Winter Hiking in South Korea: Part 4 표충사, 재약산, 천황산 and 능농산 (Pyochungsa, Jaeyaksan, Cheonhwangsan and Neungnongsan)

Looking over Jaeyaksan's cliff edge

In what has come to be quite a mini series for December/January I now present you with my final hiking blog until I return from Malaysia. I have really enjoyed the previous three hikes and it certainly gives me a great amount of satisfaction to do something I enjoy outside of the football season (Which incidentally I have decided to abstain from next season). The hike on Christmas Day was fantastic, more mountain climbing than hiking, but definitely an adventure. With that in mind I spent some time researching other mountains in the Yeongnam Alps and I planned a route that would take me to another famous temple and over three big peaks.

Winter Hiking in South Korea: Part 2 통도사, 비로엄, 영축산 and 신불산 (Tongdosa, Biroam, Yeongchuksan and Sinbulsan)

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