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I didn't forget you....

Hi readers :)

Even though I'm not blogging for now , I wanted to share the 1st part of a video I'm making of the WKB Tour we took on September '12.

WKB Tour - Day 5 / Final Day

WKB Tour - Day 4

We woke up early and had breakfast at the Guest House :) I can only remember eating rice, soup and banchan but I don't recall exactly what it was, I was still sleepy and I didn't have any cameras with me to document my food haha, we packed all of our stuff and were told our bus had arrived.... OUR BUS!....because we are cool like that we didn't have a VAN...nop we had a WHOLE bus forthe 11 of us... it was like being a Rockstar (Ok no) hahaha... I still remember Grace feeling shy telling us we were not taking a small bus or a van but a bus.... I know we all liked it :D

2012 WKB Tour - Day 3

Hi everyone!

I'm back!, I didn't forgot the blog, turns out I've been sick since last week but I it all got worst over the weekend u_u,on monday morning I went to see my doctor and I got 4 days off of work X_X... and even thou I still don't feel 100% good I missed the blog and was worried for not blogging...

On my last post I talked about our Day #2 and how it was filled with activities.... Watching some of the photos that Korea Net uploaded on Flickr we realized we have lots of pictures wearing the same oufits and is by reviewing all the pics that you realize how much we did on this trip....

2012 WKB Tour - Day 2

Excitement and that I-don’t-know-what’s going-on is how I started the Day 2 of the WKB Tour, we knew we were meeting very Important people at KOCIS that day, we knew there would be Cameras and we will have to answer some questions, but we never imagined what was waiting for us at KOCIS’ offices…..

2012 WKB Tour - Day 1

Hi everyone!, as you know last week I traveled to Korea for a tour among other WKB bloggers,  first I would like to thank KOCIS (KoreaNet) for inviting us on this wonderful trip and for recognizing our work as bloggers :)

A special thanks to Suh, Jeong Sun (Director – Global Command Contents), Han Jeon, Cathy and Grace for such a warm welcome!

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