Today lunch:homemade tofu curry


‘You are what you eat’
homemade tofu curry with brownrice for lunch
오늘의 점심은 인스턴트카래가 아닌 직접 만든 두부카레와 현미

You are what you eat(korean)



(사진:어제 저녁 식사 사진. 살짝 데친 브로콜리,유기농두부와 간장, 한줌의 다진 마늘로 만든 두부마늘볶음, 현미밥, 쌈장에 찍어먹은 달콤한 생양파)

‘You are what you eat’

굳이 직역하자면 ’당신이 먹는 것이 바로 당신이다.’ 정도 될듯하다.

필자는 웰니스코치로서, 다이어트코치로서 고객(제자)들에게 이 말을 자주 사용한다. 

좁은 의미로는 직역대로 당신이 먹는 음식이 곧 당신이다 혹은 당신이 먹은 음식이 곧 당신을 이룬다(만든다).라고 해석할 수도 있다. 하지만 나는 개인적으로 좀 더 많은 뜻을 내포 시킨다.

By Hand Wellness

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and deep tissue, need I say more?

Company Logo

In Busan there is a wonderful man, named Dr. You. He is trained as an oriental medical doctor as well as a chiropractor. If you ever are having issues and want to try eastern medicine this is your guy.

He has gotten one of this medical degrees from Australia, so his knowledge of English is superb. He is also on the stronger side of things, so adjusting Western bodies is easier than say some shorter (smaller) Korean Doctors.

Medi Hyundae


By Hannah Aauger


Near Haeundae station hides a very good “통증의학과,” meaning roughly “pain medicine.” This particular specialization focuses solely on muscle pain, combining medicine and science you may find in a hospital with the more holistic massage and electro-shock therapy.

Kaizen Korea Documentary Teaser

A Humble Attempt at Thank You in 500 Words or Less

What started out as an idea for some 30 second blip has morphed into something utterly beyond ANY of our wildest expectations…. and this is just the 2 minute preview.

If I Build It, Will They Come?

Hello, KoreaBridge!

     I'm doing a bit of market research to see if there's enough interest to start a vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, sports nutrition, diet, energy, health, and beauty products business in Busan that could also ship to anywhere in South Korea.  


     I see lots of healthy, active people when I'm out and about.  If you're anything like me, you want to improve your daily nutrition, maximize your energy, and be reasonably healthy.  Perhaps you're also like me and you've had a really difficult time finding worthwhile products here in Korea.  It seems there are two options:

     1) you buy things from the U.S. or your respective country of choice and wait a long time and pay duty fees, or

     2) you ask a Korean friend to help you order products on webpages that are all in Korean.  

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