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Deulmusae: A Whole Lot of Penis in Pocheon

The penis. As unattractive as it may be, it has remained to be an important symbol of strength, fertility and power in cultures all the world over since the beginning of time.  From ancient Pompeii to Egyptian hieroglyphics to the costumes of modern day tribesmen of New Guinea, phallic imagery has been used unabashedly. Unsurprisingly, the penis has played just as an important role in Korean culture.

Not-So-Normal-Norms, Part IV

It's time for more not-so-normal norms!  This time, I talk about the Korean version of a milkman, cell phone accessories, personal space, and movie theater culture.  Please remember that this segment has been written to point out differences that I've noticed in cultural norms between my home country, America, and my new home, Korea.  My comments are in no way intended to degrade Korean culture or Korean people.

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