VU in Vietnam Part 1

VU and David HoltVU in Vietnam Part 1

Vietnam has everything! Warm weather, captivating scenery, enchanting people and exquisite food.  It had been over a year since my last vacation, so when my girl-friend Esther Dalseno McCaustlin told me of her wedding in Vietnam I was overjoyed to visit a country whose borders I’d kissed but never crossed.

Vietnam Pagoda

Vietnam Crystal

Met my GF’s mom and dad last night here in Haiphong, VN. Her pops cooked some delicious pancake-like dish made from river worms and vegetables. We then got pretty lit on some cheap whiskey and eventually vodka. At some point, before I left, he gave me this awesome crystal vase that he made by hand.

Crystal Vase

Initial thoughts on Studying Vietnam

As one of the last of my career chapters begins (local rap legend, male stripper, salesman, journalist, novelist, magazine publisher, international studies professor, novelist, Walmart greeter,) I enrolled in a PhD program in International and Area Studies at Pukyoung University in South Korea.

I would have liked to study somewhere else, preferably warmer (climate and intellectual-wise) but I went and started a damned magazine and I’m kinda tethered to the peninsula for awhile. (I should’ve had some sort of porn/productivity filter set up to allow more porn and less productivity).

Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

Picture collections of cute boy group members on Allkpop are queer news, right?
The Hankyoreh: HIV-positive Koreans worry about being shut out of employment

Travel Theme: White

All in the name of peace. We found this cutie in Mui Ne, Vietnam. He was our $5 a day tour guide and showed us a great time on the Red Sand Dunes of the area. We spent the day with him surfing down this amazing desert near the Vietnam coast. You can read more about our trip here.

Short Travel Video Montage

Iput together a few short clips of some of my travels so far. I’ll add to it as I record more stuff.




I've been very lazy lately, I had meant to blog more often, since we are traveling so slowly and I have the time. Yet I find myself always finding something else to do! From laying on the beach, to walking through a street market and stopping at several vendors for some snacks (fried bananas, YUM!), or learning about the history of the country I am falling in love with. Talking with everyone, tuk tuk drivers and children, makes you think about what's fair in the world and sometimes question God, and that takes a lot of time! After riding go karts or spending our day at a museum that was once a school then turned into a Khmer Rouge prison and torture house for four years, we can finish off our night with dinner, where we share our meal with a 6 year old boy with holes in his clothes, who eats every grain of rice, even the vegetables he obviously didn't like.

Bike Riding along the river

Sapa Trekking

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