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The very important first girls high school soccer game of spring

I landed in Korea in September to teach English and the next few weeks were the worst in my life.

It’s March now, so I survived, though I don’t talk about those first weeks. I’m sure I’ve had a different experience than my English-teaching cohorts, simply because my school boasts an incredibly unique personality: its kids live at the school, wake at 6 a.m. for chapel, and are good enough at English to be taught literature in the language. There’s also girls and boys high school soccer teams, which I’m coaching this spring.

Tanjung Aru beach reflection | Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

About the photo

Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Malaysian Borneo, has to be one of the most underated citys in the country. At first glance, you won’t fall in love with a bunch of concrete buildings on the edge of the South China Sea. Peer behind the curtain though, and you’ll see that KK is not just stop-over on your way to Mt. Kinabalu or a river safari through the rainforest, it’s a destination in and of itself.

Pyongyang Racer: Having a gas in virtual North Korea

Back in December, I first read about a browser game that claimed to be the first online game developed in North Korea. Koryo Tours, a company specializing in trips to North Korea, commissioned a game called Pyongyang Racer from Pyongyang-based  IT company called Nosotek. It was released on December 18th and hosted by the Koryo Tours website, which billed it as “a bit of retro fun…the chance to drive around Pyongyang all by yourself.”

Lotte Giants Schedule 2013 (from Busan Awesome)


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Scroll down to see schedule!

One of THE BEST things to do in Busan is to go to a Lotte Giants game. Busan loves the Lotte Giants and it’s clear when you go to the games – fans are loud – singing, cheering, and drinking throughout the game. It’s a breath of fresh air after the lethargic crowds at Cincinnati Reds games that I’ve been to over the past 20 years.

Cute in Korea’s 1st Birthday Fanart Contest!!

Hey guys!  So the blog’s first birthday is coming up and I have been trying to decide what exactly to do that would be fun~  how about a fanart contest???

I am an artist myself, so really it is the only thing that keeps popping in my mind that would be fun! haha…maybe?  Do I have any readers that are artists too??

Savoy- Seomyeon


Note: The Fresh Fries Factory has been REBORN in to Savoy!


The previously known and loved ‘Fresh Fries Factory’ has been reborn as ‘Savoy’ and is bigger and better
than ever.

The best fish and chips in Seomyeon is back after a short hiatus, with a couple of additions to the menu,
the quality is the same as ever. The small shop is open as normal, opening hours are usually from around
4 in the evening until the punters clear out.

Siho’s First Birthday 돌잔치 100th-day celebration

This past fall (yes I am a little late with my posts^^) I was invited to attend a Korean 100th day celebration 돌 잔치 for my lovely friend Eura’s super cute son Siho!

More Awesome Than You Can Possibly Imagine

My new book was just mentioned on The Marmot’s Hole, the only blog on Korea with its own wikipedia page.

Taiwan, again! (Part 2)

My country retreat in Meinung had drawn to a close and I woke up refreshed and early for the bus back to Kaohsiung. My next destination was Kenting on the very southern tip of the island. To reach my destination I would have to return to Kaohsiung and change buses at the terminal. Three hours later I arrived in Kenting. Bus travel in Taiwan was proving to be as efficient and comfortable as it was in Korea. The buses might be a little older, but what they lack in modernity they make up for it with huge, couch-like, seats.

North Korea Will Collapse Tomorrow

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