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This Is The Saddest Picture I’ve Ever Seen

Widow of slain civil rights activist Medger Evers

This is a photograph of the son of Medger Evers, a civil rights activist who was assassinated fifty years ago in Mississippi, which I discovered yesterday here.

The inevitable incompetence of being me.

I have received a few e-mails of late, for which of course many thanks, which indicated that we are all struggling to do better.

Let me call it “The Inevitable Incompetence of being Me”.

Anyone starting their own business will soon hit a wall, a wall where lack of experience, of knowledge, of the law, can have a detrimental effect on the progress of the business.  You might have a great idea, but it is impossible to take care of everything.  You might call it “critical mass”.  Critical mass is a situation where you have enough people doing something that things start working on their own.  Being alone (somewhat…), the amount of skill you bring to the product will always be limited.  Being able to extend your critical mass might make things go more fluent, but you have to pass the hardship first.

I guess to cross that wall makes the difference between success or not.

Last weekend I learned how to meditate!

Last weekend I learned how to meditate! RT @aclipse: Culture in Korea: Time For A Templestay!

Weekend Bingeing

Over the weekend I finally let myself go out and enjoy the bounty of summer. Being cooped up indoors ruthlessly studying did little for my positive outlook and even less for my backside. So I enlisted the help of some good friends to assist in all the eating and drinking I’d missed. This meant I finally tried the raved about vegan sushi roll from Sushi Berry.

Sushi Berry Vegan 2

Colours, Colours, Colours! A Good Vibes Post for My First Two Weeks Back in Ireland.

I’ve been back in Ireland for approximately two weeks. I promise that during this post I will not mention the weather too much. All I can say is that it has been unseasonal.


When we return to Ireland we spend most of time in my parents home and my old stomping ground, Beechdale in Dunboyne. At the best of times it’s a fairly ordinary housing estate on the outskirts of Dublin, albeit in County Meath. We also managed to get down to Kerry for a few days, to show the visitors around (the visitors being Herself’s oul pair who are over here with us).

Well, we’ve been doing plenty of touristing around here (yes there are some things worth doing) and also down in Kerry. It has been a good few weeks.

Some thoughts and a recap of last weeken

Some thoughts and a recap of last weekend’s wedding! RT @aclipse: Spring’s Last Hurrah: A Wedding Day in Korea

Summer camps

Summer camps are the cash cows for hagwons.

Mostly because parents need something for their kids to do, preferably functional, and a day can take a long time.  Parents might pay a lower hourly fee, but as I said before, capacity is expensive, and if you can fill it, that is when profit starts kicking in.

The problem is, since schools stopped serving Saturdays, they reduced the number of weeks during the Summer holidays, in effect reducing the possibility to have camps for longer.  Therefore, your potential profit for the whole year just took a nosedive.  Thank you government.  I have tried extending into Saturday, but in effect, it just increased my capacity cost, increased advertising cost with very little revenue to show for.

Rationality and Risk

When I was younger I was enrolled in a swimming program at a local youth center. I was terrible at swimming, and I really didn’t have the capacity to float (I still don’t). When it came time to dive into the deep end, all the kids would happily line up to the edge and jump in, come out of the pool, and race back to the end of the line to do it again. Meanwhile, I stood quietly in line, shaking with cold, teeth chattering, lips blue. I dreaded that plunge. I let everyone go ahead of me in the line until the class was over and my skin was dry. I failed swim class twice that way.

Just some things that have worked (and n

Just some things that have worked (and not worked) for me in the classroom #teacherlife RT @aclipse: Classroom Management Training in Korea: SLANT

The Speech Contest

The Speech contest : I can certainly understand the point of view of the writer, it seems all so absurd and out of whack.  Why in hell are there these Speech contests and why are they becoming more and more important.  Yes, they are.

“Essays spoken out loud”, there is a certain eloquence required to do that successfully.  I have said it before, the value of the mother is reflected by the value the child, which in Korea means the Academic success of their offspring.  How to show off their success but by providing a forum (tests, contests, …) so mothers can show off their kids ability.

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