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Roasted Tomato Soup

Tuned Out

Ahh, middle school. Such an awkward phase, where we come up with gimmicks to make ourselves cool. We are at the stage of forming an identity – one that will carry us though the travails of puberty. Some are drawn to the “class clown” identity. For me, I remember having a single strand of hair on one side of my face because I thought it was hella cool. I also said “ya’ll” a lot. Anyway…after my first day of teaching middle schoolers I am keenly reminded of the phase, but this time I’m on the other side of the podium.

So I actually surprised myself when I taught today. I tend to get anxious delivering presentations to my peers but I was really at ease in the classroom. I projected well, didn’t stumble over words, planned well, and generally enjoyed my time teaching today. That being said, the first class of the day that I taught was pretty rough.

Vet Visits

Over the past three months I’ve spent a vast number of Saturdays carrying an increasingly heavy box of miaows while making the hour and a half journey to the Pet Care Animal Hospital in Dongnae, Busan. This has been for various kitten/cat-related reasons, the most fun being the week of all-night mate-quest yowling, closely followed by a few near-death sicknesses that had me wondering (through sobs) who I could borrow a spade from to dig a small cat grave in the woods… Luckily the ‘cats have nine lives’ law came through and made this unnecessary, but I was left with the debatable reassurance of my own practical morbidity.

Attack of the Cute: Korean Edition

Just when you thought you had seen all the adorable things on the Internet…. here is an entry into this year’s Dream Festival English competition from one of our sister campuses.

Vegan Month Of FOod

160x220_g3Life is full of surprises and new beginnings. And this month is a doozy. I wanted to reboot the Vegan Urbanite with some fresh content and fanatic energy, so I’ve signed on for Vegan MOFO 2013. If you’re not familiar with Vegan MOFO it’s a month of daily blogging (EST) on vegan related matters.

September will certainly be a month of firsts. Running with the theme of New Beginnings, here is a peek at what you’re in for:


I thought Turkey was going to be sadly behind me but I came to the realisation a few days before my departure that, my next destination, Cyprus, was indeed partially owned by Turkey. I guess this kind of explained the cheap flight ticket that I had snapped up, as I swiftly discovered on the internet that I would be landing in the Turkish controlled zone of the island. After some frantic googling I discovered it would be quite simple to cross the border and that the arrangements that I had made in the Greek part of the island would not be scuppered. Unfortunately I also discovered that the car I planned to hire would only be able to drive within the Greek zone I hired it in.

The trouble of letting go

The hiring and firing process in the ESL world in Korea is contentious to say the least.  I myself have run into a great many issues regarding both, and not only in practical terms, but also the legal issues concerning the hiring and firing of people.

RT @aclipse: My take on Korea Summer Int

RT @aclipse: My take on Korea Summer Intensives, woohoo!

Friends with Strangers – Orientation

On arriving at Incheon Airport, after going through immigration and picking up way, way too much luggage, you find yourself looking around for other lost (foreign) souls with equally as much luggage. We are all going to be in Korea for a year, no way we could stuff our belongings into just one bag. The comforts of home require space and a herculean effort to lift, roll and drag around the things that will be our lives for a long time. It’s worth the effort.

Before you have the chance to pass out on the bus to Jeonju, you look outside and see an expanse of sea and greenery cut by clean steel. I remember thinking that I really am 7000 miles from home. But in a cool, awesome,”woah, wth” kind of way.

Knees Up in Sindorim! Seoul Céilí, August 8

You’ll have to excuse this break from regular broadcasting as I’d like to plug an event I’m involved in organising.

For any of you in Seoul, or indeed South Korea over the next few weeks and you’re in need of a good knees up, the Irish Association of Korea will be having their annual Céilí on Sunday, September 8 in Sindorim.

Seoul Céilí: Irish Music and Dance Festival September 8, 2013.

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