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One of best things about photography is the community that can be built from hanging out with people with a similar passion. The benefit of this is that you can learn from each other but as well as just be more in the moment. These clubs exist online and off-line as well and this can be a good thing. For myself I like shoot with people but I feel that I am more effective on my own. However, the online discussions can really give you some tips about what to improve or where to shoot.

Over the past few years, I have met so many great people from different clubs around Korea. If you are new or are starting out, I would highly recommend getting involved in these groups and getting out with some people. The connections and networks you can make are really valuable and could lead to some great exposure. Below are a list of the groups that I recommend. In this day and age, most of them exist on facebook, so you may already be a part of them.

Gyeongju Photo Walk


A while ago, I lead a photo walk in the beautiful city of Gyeongju. This was one of my favourite photo walks that I have been on recently. Aside from the horrible traffic that made me extremely late, which is bad when you are the host and the only one who knows where to go. At any rate, the weather was great and we started our walk beginning with the tombs around Daeureungwon and then into Daereunwon itself.

The Shinhwa Photo Walk Review


So yesterday turned out to be a little more gloomy than what I was hoping for. It still didn’t stop people from coming out to get some great shots of the area. The interesting part was that we were not the only group out taking some shots. There were a number of Korean photographers about taking different shots of the village and even using some pretty darn expensive gear and a few models as well.

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