Waste of a day...

When you're traveling for a month with no set plan, you're bound to have one of those days where you look back and think, "Well, that was kind of a waste!"  That was today.  We didn't do anything cultural  or see any temples, get massages, or watch any performances.  Instead, we started our morning like we do every morning with a banana pancake, fruit and coffee delivered to our porch. Oh and we switched hotels to Ubud Terrace Bungalow, because we wanted to be somewhere where there were people around.

Cafe's, Rice Terraces, Temples and more Monkeys!

It's another lovely day in Ubud... blue skies, warm air, just the right amount of wind to cool you off!  We had breakfast at the hotel and then scooted over to Juice Ja Cafe for some fresh squeezed juice! 



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