2012 arrives….

I didn’t really blog anything in December. Nothing massively special happened so here is a brief summary:

It got cold.

Changwon Wednesday were victorious against Gwangsun in the KFFL cup. We drew the first leg 0-0 in Yeosu. Yeosu has an ancient Korean battle ship (turtle ship) that General Shin defeated the Japanese in. I saw it. I stood on it, then we played football.

We won the second leg 2-1 at home.  Fantastic performance. We also helped to raise some cash for an orphanage in the process and ate some delicious Xmas style food afterwards. Good karma.

Funky Friday: The Other Bush

Apparently the Brits are a lot less conservative than the Yanks. This commercial from Wilkinson Sword Razors called, "Mow the Lawn," is currently airing in the UK and is all about that other bush.I would love to wax poetic, but I risk coming within a hair's width of shaving off even more of my already lacking conservative republican readership --who are, I might add, avowed Bush fans.The subtle

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