Top ELT Tech Tools circa 2013



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Top ELT Tech Tools circa 2013


Rando Man

The photo below does not inspire much, I imagine. It is in many respects quite depressing. A dry and slightly burnt piece of toast, a cold strip of streaky bacon, and the end of a rather watery looking class of orange juice, all wrapped around a white circular border. It is, other than the leftovers from my breakfast, a pitifully ordinary scene worth no moment of fame in any media. It is not artistic, so don’t go thinking it is. The loose crumb is only a loose crumb, the juice was as I left it, as was the toast and bacon. Just to the right was a eggy plate and a mug with a thin brown layer of leftover coffee. The photo was entirely random. So why bother?


A Writer Reviews


For those of you who may be interested in writing, tools to help your writing, writer and writing related new media and technology, and even literature, webzines, websites, I’ve started another new blog where I plan to review these. I’m quite interested in this kind of stuff and I’ve been thinking about it for a while so I decided to just get on with it. If you think there’s anything worth reviewing, please get in touch with me.

I’ve only one post up so far but drop by again and see what’s going on. I’ve linked it to my twitter account so if you follow me there the links should be posted directly from there.

Of course, before I forget…

Club Fix

Introducing a new clubbing experience in Korea, Club Fix Nightclub & Day lounge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Featuring the hottest International Guest DJs every Friday & Saturday nights in a luxurious 'clubbers paradise'.

A spacious dancefloor and massive crystal clear LED screen provide the eye candy as our brand new Funktion One soundsystem tickles your listening gear.

The spacious setting on 2 floors offers 100 tables, lounges, private rooms and an exclusive VIP Bar.

Our day lounge boasts an impressive setting for all occasions with live performances, bands, DJs and VJs providing a friendly, fun atmosphere around the clock.

The Day Lounge offers a tantalizing Italian inspired menu and exotic cocktail list till 10pm weekdays.

For reservations please call- (051) 905-5777

Education in the news

This time I’m not apologizing for the weak content but rather for storing links I want to check out more fully when I return to my own computer.  I guess these links seem important to me so I am attempting to provide value in my posts. The content is good, but it is not mine and I cannot comment fully upon it.

Scientific American describes instances of under and over education.  Or, about cowardly teachers and insufficiently attentive teachers: American biology teachers are avoiding evolution content and French teachers are making GMOs.

I like the Donga Ilbo

But seriously, Tweeter? (My bolding)

Paperless teaching at ChungKang College

The Joongang has an article describing ChungKang College’s plan to ride a fad to fame use iPads in all aspects of their education delivery.

From the article:

The university said yesterday that it will start the “i-College,” a system of education featuring the use of the iPad, starting next year. The university said the system will be used in all aspects of education, such as homework assignments, lectures, the submission of homework, test-giving and student evaluations.

The goal is to improve communication between students and professors and make the relationship more interactive.

It’s interesting that they are using a platform that is almost entirely new to Korea, but i definitely applaud the idea.

tools for writing analysis online

As a conversational (sometimes controversial) English teacher in Korea, I don’t see a lot of writing.  What I do see is short and simplistic.  My students see more writing from me than I do from them, I think.  Huh, I should look into the volume of written input vs output…

At the Six Things Blog, Lindsay Clandfield lists six writing analysis tool available online.  Four of them are mostly for entertainment value, “Which famous writer you write like”, but one is a ‘vocabulary profiler‘ and another is a ‘text content analyzer‘.

Another internet oddity

Of the spam form, that is.

I recently did a Google search for “Busan Department Store” - I probably left out the capitalization.

The second link was for Asia rooms , which gave me this paragraph:

Still not quite ready for an eBook reader – so close, though

The new Kindle looks great and is entirely in my price range…well, not quite.

Okay, it does look great and the features are about where I want them to be and the price is fantastic.

On the other hand, I checked out a few books I am interested in:

A Charlie Stross science fiction novel:

Ken Robinson: The Element:

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