Beomosa Monks! @ The 7th Busan International Tea Cultural Festival Day 1

7th Busan International Tea Cultural Festival

This coming Friday I'm pleased to be covering the 7th Busan International Tea Cultural Festival.
It will be held at the Busan Cultural Center (Busan Moonhwa Waygwan) This August 31st to September 2nd. A fine way for celebrating and taking the edge off after the typhoon that is hitting here rather quite soon.

Among many other things there will be booths covering Tea Incense, Tea Savories, Tea Art, Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangements for Tea Services, Buddhist Tea Offering Ceremony...

Busan Tea and Craft Fair

Drop by while you can! The Bi-annual Busan Tea & Craft Fair is on at BEXCO. Interestingly enough it coincides with the Cafe Fair also going on at BEXCO. However, unless you are going to join a coffee franchise I suggest you drop by the Tea & Craft fair: Theres lots of stuff you can buy for your home or as gifts !

Praises of the Korean Teapot: An ideal gift idea!

These days in the west restaurants, tea shop owners and conoisseurs are all singing the praises of loose leaf tea. There has been a mass proliferation of teashops in Canada and the U.S. selling loose leaf tea. Yet the West is lacking hte hardware required to get the most out of this 'loose leaf' tea that is so widely promoted and praised.

Sakura Cha 桜茶

Last week I ran into some websites mentioning Sakura Cha or Cherry Blossom Tea. One of which involved cherry blossoms infused in vinegar as a health drink. The others were more palatable.
Following the directions on a Youtube site that had rather garbled English describing how to make Sakura Cha I ran out to find ... that most of the cherry blossoms had fallen from the trees and had been swept away with the rain.
Luckily I found some remaining on trees on the East side of downtown Busan (Someyeon).

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