5 Survial Tips not to get ripped off when using a taxi in Korea


Recently there was an accident in Busan where a Japanese woman was ripped off by a taxi driver. When she asked for a receipt, 39,000 won was written on the sheet while the number on the taximeter was only 19,000 won. She asked the driver about the extra fee, knowing that the extra 20,000 won was added out of nowhere. The driver told her that it was a mistake. Luckily she only had to pay 19,000 won eventually, but she got enraged by how she was mistreated.


Ulysses S. Granted

Dear Korea #051

Dear Korea #051

Where did this year go? I have no idea, but I’m definitely going to miss it. I hope it’s the same case for everyone else out there. I just hope 2012 turns out to be as awesome. The world not ending would be nice too.

Anyways, I sincerely apologize for the horrible lateness of this comic. While I did have a fun holiday, I ended up getting really sick over the weekend, and I’ve been trying to recover ever since. I seem to end up getting sick whenever I get time off. It’s a horrible cycle.

Anyone recognize the other characters in this week’s strip?

By the way, for those of you that can’t read Korean…

감사합니다! = Thank you!

Dear Korea #027

Dear Korea #027

Based off of very true events. It’s more funny than it is offensive, really. It’s just a little funny to see how shocked some people look when they realize someone without blonde hair and blue eyes is from the United States. Keep on keepin’ on, taxi drivers!

On a side note, a face palm is harder to draw than it looks.

Also, did you know that Dear Korea has a Facebook Page? If you have a Facebook account, you should totally go and like it! Or not. I won’t cry if you don’t (maybe).

Another taxi story

Because people seemed to enjoy the last one, here’s another fun taxi story.

I was heading home late, it was cold, and the subway can make for a long walk, so I decided to catch a cab. I still get a little nervous doing it; navigating through the neighborhood can be difficult, depending on where I’m coming from. Sometimes it’ll involve u-turns, going through random alleys, sharp rights and lefts, going around buildings and parking lots and other things I frequently forget the names of. And this means I have to do a lot of talking.

“Please take the first right.”

The taxi driver glanced in the rearview mirror. “Oh… where are you from?” Foiled by my speech again. I paused. Maybe it was the kimchi at dinner, maybe it was the Cass we had afterwards, but at that moment, I wasn’t feeling particularly Chinese.

Practical Tips for Foreigners Living in Korea

Banking: The single biggest problem for non-Korean citizens living in Korea is banking. You cannot just open an account at Kookmin Bank (KB) and then take your ATM card to the U.S. and withdraw money at the Citibank ATM in Los Angeles. It doesn’t work.

I must recommend KEB, Korea Exchange Bank, which has a global banking account, where foreigners can open accounts, which have the same online banking capabilities as the other banks in Korea. In addition, with the global banking account, you can with withdraw money when you are back home (assuming that is not Korea).

VITAL POINT: You need to designate a foreign exchange bank with a form at KEB. Without this, you will not be able to withdraw money in a country outside of Korea, even if you have the correct acccount, and ATM card. This is a VITAL POINT (the phrase native Koreans love is “key point”). I cannot stress how important this is!.

Life in Korea: getting a taxi - and not getting ripped off

Author's note: 'Life in Korea' posts are aimed at the newer expats amongst us. If you have a more experienced perspective, comment away!

What do you do about taxi drivers?

Nov. 9: A court in South Korea has ruled in favor of allowing taxi drivers to watch television while driving, despite research that proves how dangerous this can

Likely scenario of English only taxis in Korea

Sometime in the near future:I stand on the corner on a lovely spring afternoon, gazing out at a sea of smiling, friendly Korean faces set against the backdrop of the lovely cityscape that is downtown Seoul. A hint of honey wafts up from an open sewer vent as I am approached by a beckoning woman...I wake up. I am late. No time for the subway, gonna have to cab it this morning.On the corner, one

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