Travel Theme: Foliage

First off, we have now been back in the states for 3 full days. We haven’t had a moment to really process our feelings and thoughts as to what it is like to be back. We have been pretty busy seeing family, getting unpacked and getting settled. (promise to catch up shortly)

For the first time since we got back, I turned on my computer and began to go through my reader to catch up on my favorite blogs.

When I read about the travel theme this week, one photo jumped into my head. On our drive to Appenzell Switzerland we came across this window. Luckily enough it was fall which made the site even more beautiful.  I am not sure if seeing this window in a different season would have produced the same dramatic effect.

Top 5 all time April Fool's Day Hoaxes

A long time reader and frequent commenter, the incorrigible, "Making of a Man," has been prodding me to do something special for April Fool's day. I thought about it and figured any prank I pulled would be cliché and decided to instead feature some of the greatest April Fool's day gags of all time --in no particular order.#1 The Taco Liberty Bell: In 1996 The Taco Bell Corporation announced it

Chalet Suisse

One of the things I like about Korea is its seemingly endless capacity to surprise me. This was certainly true on Saturday night, when after a good (but by no means overwhelming) plate of Vietnamese rice noodles with seafood, a friend opted to spend the remainder of her farewell evening in the intimate and eccentric surroundings of Chalet Suisse a "Swiss Folk Music Cafe" in the Pusan National University district.

Skippered by the affable Mr Lee, and his grinning Setter/Spaniel “Clarinet,” Chalet Suisse transports its occaisonal patrons (numbering no more than about 10 at one time) from the scooters and blaring neon of the Busan street to the intimate confines of a swiss log cabin high in the Alps.

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