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As you might have guessed I love ebooks and my other project Photography Ebook Reviews is all about that. So I thought that I would just drop a little note to let you all in on a sale over at Flatbooks. You can get 20% off when you buy 2 or more books there. The sale is only for the month of August, so don’t waste any time.

How Much to Charge for Your Work

Korean Money

“Spec Work” Does Not Pay the Bills

Spec work basically means that you work for free to build your portfolio prior to actually getting hired to do a job. This is great and the first time around seems like a wonderful idea. Think about it, a cool magazine reaches out to you because they seen your posts on facebook groups. If you don’t have any experience, you may think the best way to get your feet wet is you take a couple of free gigs to get some exposure. They only exposure that you will get likely is that of being a photographer that works for free.

Photography eBook Reviews

Photography eBook Reviews - Quality reviews of your favorite Photography eBooks


Simple Scene, Sensational Shot by Simon Bond

Images courtesy of Simon Bond

Photographically Speaking by David duChemin

While travelling back to my hometown of Brandon, Manitoba, I was craving some reading material.  It was a long flight over to Canada with the batteries of my iPhone being killed on the first leg from Korea to China. At any rate, I was looking for something to keep me going on the return leg of my journey.

At any rate, I found myself at a bookstore looking at this beautifully made (and written) book by David duChemin. This book is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, unless you go to university and then it is pretty much standard. Coming in at $49.34 (CDN) this book is an investment and one that I gladly paid at the time.

Goals by Christa Laser


Sunday Reading Posts

In this new section in the Sajin, I am going to review the vast library of ebooks that I have collected over the past few years. I feel that these are a great way to spend a sunday evening after a great weekend. Typically, I read everything that I can on the different subjects that will promote my craft and give me the tools to be a better photographer. Now, these won’t always be directly on the topic of photography but they will be on topics that will help you get your name out, improve your blog and handle your business.

The purpose of this new section to The Sajin is to address the growing demand in Korea for english-language materials to aid in helping with the above topics and to showcase the ever-growing electronic library of excellent material that talented photographers, bloggers, and other smart people have been creating.

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