My Eyes are Cracking

I don't remember exactly when this started in class, but according to my kindergarten students, my eyes are "cracking". 

Now almost daily one or more of them will get really close to my face look into my eyes really hard and proclaim that my eyes are cracking. It's becoming one of their new favorite things.

I will admit I don't help matters, and kind of egg them on by going on to tell the kids that my eyes crack a little more each day and that one day my eyes are going to fall right out.  Then I move my contacts around in my eyes and really freak them out.

  They're not that used to seeing hazel eyes and my eyes do have weird patterns in them, but it's just one of those great things that only a child's mind could think of.

cuter in korea

cuter in korea

I love being inspired by Korea’s continued cuteness that I spot in random places almost daily:

1) My students furiously fight for a place at my white board during the 5 minute class breaks. I beg them to use the bathroom or get a drink of water so as not to interrupt the next class session with inconvenient breaks, but they always want to take the precious break time to impress me with their drawing skills. How can you not love this drawing of ‘Devan Teacher’?

2) I love spotting splashy eye-popping colors plastered on such mundane objects such as this delivery truck. The pink is just perfect!

3) Dunkins is continuously impressing me with their iced-coffee holders. This one is just adorable!

Kindergarten: How We Work

The other day I found this photo that I had already forgotten about.  It was taken of me and my kindergarten class on the first of our Monthly Field Trips, and man does it accurately portray the dynamic of my class even now (although I will say they are a lot better than they once were).

Kindergarten Gangsters

There's a new fashion trend that has been adopted by one of my kindergarten boys- faux 90's low riding!

Yes you read right low ride pants- or sort of.  Faux-riding?  Even if I don't know exactly what to call it, I do know how to spot it. 

One of my Kindergarten boys, Leo, has multiple pairs of these pants.  And I know I thought they were weird at first, but it wasn't until I was with a friend a few weekends ago and saw them on another little boy and he was slightly flabbergasted by them, did I think about how weird they really are. 

Sorry for the picture quality, I didn't want to tell one of my more self-conscious students to bend over so I could take pictures of his weird pants- so I had to do it quasi-stealthily.

Conferencing with Parents

Yesterday was the dreaded "Parent Teacher Conferences", and I am glad to report that I am still alive and well. 

I had found out about these conferences at the end of last month while looking at one of my student's newsletters.  Now my Korean is far from good, but I like to look at the news letters to get an idea of when this month's field trip is and when the monthly birthday party will grace me with more cake.  This time I saw mention of all the kindergarten classes and different dates-  I asked one of the Koreans about it and was told we were doing parent teacher conferences. 

Now I've taught open classes where the administration can come in and watch me teach, but this was my first parent teacher conference as a non-student. 

water fight

It's finally here! The much anticipated Thai New Year - Songkran! It is the worlds biggest water fight and I am flying right into the eye of the storm.  Tomorrow afternoon we are flying an hour north to the quaint city of Chiang Mai. It is said to be the biggest celebration for the summer holiday and I am prepared to get wet! It is going to be a long six days, hope I come back alive (Thailand has not been kind my body in the past week, I fell into a sewer -EWGKKK- in Pattaya cutting my leg all up and just an hour ago got stung by a bee while driving my motorbike, geez!) because I know the Thai people are ready to drink and throw buckets of water on me. My students today were brutal dumping bucket after bucket on me, and they are children... Please Buddha, keep me safe!

Happy Hump Day!

From a 5th grade girl. So sweet; matched my outfit and all :) Totally one of those small, good things that always exist in the midst of the most crazy of days.

And from a 6th grade boy-

Student Profile #3: Owen

It's Student Profile Time-aka let's talk about my kiddos.

I only managed to do two student profiles on two very special kids at DaeGyo, but with only five kids in my Kindergarten class and five in my afternoon class of 2nd graders it won't be hard to cover all my kids, if not  almost all of the kiddos at school. 

First up is my little Kindergarten space cadet: Owen.  Owen is probably my sweetest boy and just such a cutie.  All of my kids have outstanding English, and they all have strengths in different areas- Owen is a great speller and a connoisseur of Jollaman.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon -2012! 

my little dragons

With the floods finally over, we have been able to move back to Nonthaburi and school has finally resumed. I am teaching Kindergartners and am so far (mostly) loving it! My kids are at the perfect age where they don't cry or poop their pants anymore, but are still pretty cute (especially when I compare them to my older Korean children) and are learning so much everyday.

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