Spring time

Vlog Entry #14: One Blawesome Weekend

It’s cherry blossom season here in South Korea, which means roads throughout the country are lined with beautiful flowering trees! The conditions are perfect for a Saturday morning bike ride, and the small naval port town of Jinhae welcomes thousands who flock its streets to take in the views at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival! Enjoy!

Spring Cleaning

Growing up, "Spring Cleaning" was always a HUGE ordeal. It usually involved brooms, vacuums,  garbage bags and tears. But I must say, after all was said and done, I was secretly (deep deep down inside) glad that I was made to do it. There is just something to a totally clean living space. Not just "clean" but totally uncluttered- no excess junk in draws, under beds or hidden in closets. I'm sure you all can totally relate to the feeling. It just feels like you can "breathe" again!

But why do we "spring clean"? I'm sure you all clean your homes year round, right? So then,

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