Speaking Korean

The Most Common Errors English Speakers Make When Speaking Basic Korean

Waygook in Korean means “foreign lands” or “foreign countries”. Even though waygook seems to be the local English slang word for foreigner, waygookin or waygook saram is how a Korean would say it. Konglish is annoying but Engookaw is just as bad.

Also, in a taxi, when you tell the driver where to go, all you have to say is the location + eeyo. The same goes for ordering food, although joo-say-yo is okay. When you order beer, make sure to use Korean (and not Chinese) numbers + byung, although gae also seems to be okay (maekjoo saybyung); say jang when you get a cup of coffee (ameleekano hanjangeeyo).

Biking At Night In Gyeongju

Pedaling through Gyeongju at night. This is a flat city, built millennia ago beneath the great sheltering wall of South Mountain, and unlike the near-vertical drops of Busan you can really get around in this place if you’ve got a bike: only the crisscrossing four-lane highways pose any danger, and the traffic lights go on forever. Even as I bike here I’ve got New York on my mind: there at least the lights change after just a few seconds.

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