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Chacabuco Ghost Town, Chile

If you find yourself exploring the Northern part of Chile, between Antofagasta and Calama, you may just think that there

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Win a 10 Day Trip to Chile!

Wanna go to Chile for free? Me too! That’s why I just entered Latin America Escape’s free giveaway for a

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Yo soy coreano

Latin America (South America), Here We Are !

Today, we’ll explore the brief rundown of the migration that occurred which only depicts a handful of events and occurrences amongst a sea of information.  The aim of this article is to promote a general understanding of how the mass emigration occurred, how the Koreans survived and made a living, and anything interesting that we did given our unique circumstances.  Enjoy.

How Did We End Up Here ? 

In 1962, the Overseas Emigration Law was enacted by both countries with a huge intention to strengthen the textile trade.  However, migration to Latin America occurred on a sizeable scale (120,000 Koreans) in Paraguay between 1975 and 1990.

Also, this Law aimed to specifically send Korean farmers and peasants to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia.  This was the plan anyway.

Going round the world in the 21st century

So we’ve now got our e-tickets and seeing them on the computer screen and having a hard copy printed out somewhat loses the magic and allure of my envision of a ‘Round the World’ ticket.

Much like Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe jumping around the shack with the golden ticket in hand I half expected a similar feeling before this whole process began.  But the ordeal of having to give the travel specialist a detailed itinerary of where we will be, when we will be leaving, what we will be eating, where we’ll be sitting, takes away from the adventure of what I wanted it to be like.

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