English Premier League on TV

Does anyone out there know what TV channels are showing the English Premier League this season?

I know last year SBS ESPN showed games (with Korean commentary) and Star Sports showed a Saturday night game (with English commentary). I'm not sure about this, but it appears Star Sports, on the Olleh Skylife package, isn't showing them this year.

Any information would be appreciated.


Many happenings

Sorry I haven’t blogged. During my hiatus, the season continued and ended. This post will fill you in until the final tournament, if you’re interested.

After the tie documented in the last post, the boys steamrolled through the remainder of the regular season. One game, on a 6-against-6 field, they split into two teams, played four games against the host school’s two teams, and won something like 50-10 on aggregate – a retreat-to-the-hills route.

I went to a soccer match in Seoul! I drank Cass Lite and ate...

I went to a soccer match in Seoul! I drank Cass Lite and ate ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake, 떡볶이). There were fireworks and cheerleaders. The paper noisemakers were very effective.

Playing soccer

Hi there

My name is Jongsu. I'd llike to join or make a soccer team for fun(no competitive).I'm open for weekend and weekdays night to play.Please feel free to contact me.

010 4383 1331



The very important first girls high school soccer game of spring

I landed in Korea in September to teach English and the next few weeks were the worst in my life.

It’s March now, so I survived, though I don’t talk about those first weeks. I’m sure I’ve had a different experience than my English-teaching cohorts, simply because my school boasts an incredibly unique personality: its kids live at the school, wake at 6 a.m. for chapel, and are good enough at English to be taught literature in the language. There’s also girls and boys high school soccer teams, which I’m coaching this spring.

Firsts in Korea Part One: Gooaaaaallll!!!

Another long but enjoyable weekend, filled with several firsts, including my first Korean wedding (for the next post, when I am not exhausted and do this interesting experience justice) and my first soccer (football) match ever in Korea (and, come to think of it, ever ever) on Saturday.

And, for whatever reason, WordPress put these photos in reverse chronological order. So, in case you ever wanted to go back in time …


Cheers! Or, gonbae!

My Repeated Failure at Watching Sport on the Telly in Korea

Yesterday marked the end of the month of Irish sport on television, that is television streamed through the internet and watched on my computer. It has taken me five years of living in Korea to master the art of searching through Google for the relevant link to watch a match, which is impressive. It was an ordeal I would recommend to anyone as the rewards are worthwhile, although they could have been much better.

For starters this is not the first time I’ve tried to find sport via the ould interweb. I know that when herself when was in Ireland, she never had any problems watching the things she wanted to. There are a few Korean websites that post television shows up after they are shown for the first time. I imagine you can do the same with certain Irish programmes too, but with live sport it’s completely different.

Busan Transportation Corporation vs FC Seoul

Busan Transportation Corporation vs FC Seoul

This was taken during the FA Cup game between national league Busan Transport and the K-Leagues FC Seoul.

Sports Photography in Korea

[Twelve] Soccer in Korea :)

Dear readers,

Sorry it's been so long! I have been caught up in traveling, working and hanging out with family and friends in Korea! It's been amazing. I can't share all of my experiences, but let me share with you some of the highlights. The first highlight was going to a FC Seoul (FC 서울) soccer game.

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