Smoked Meat

Meet Me At Bongs- "Coffee, Brunch, BBQ"

 I was informed of a "All day breakfast" restaurant in Yuseong by owner Brian Kim of House Grill.

I arrived at the restaurant "Meet Me At Bongs" on a Saturday morning with my wife. My  impression of the outside gave me the feeling of quality. Observing sleek granite floors and modern furniture on my entry fortified my initial feeling of potential "Breakfast madness".

Hanwoori Smoked Meat Restaurant

Hanwoori is by far the best smoked meat restaurant in Daejeon. There are 2 branches as far as I know; one in Songchon-dong and the one pictured here in Wolpyoung-dong just down the street from Stargate CGV cinemas and before Wizen Haus Brewery.

You have your choice of smoked duck, samgyupsal, and ribs. The ribs are 27,000 a rack, which is a bit pricey, but Whoa! Worth it!

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