Boy, Boys, Boys: Male Grooming

When I watch Korean dramas, it seems that the boys in Korea take very good care of themselves.
Maybe it’s only extremely rich Korean boys (such as the characters in “Boys Before Flowers” or “Brilliant Legacy”) or K-Pop stars, but it seems that boys in Korea pay more attention to their appearance than the ones in America.
Now I’m not suggesting that guys should start wearing guy-liner or headbands, but there are a few basic grooming habits that guys should have.
If you’ve already gone through puberty, it’s time to become a well-groomed man!

Funky Friday: The Other Bush

Apparently the Brits are a lot less conservative than the Yanks. This commercial from Wilkinson Sword Razors called, "Mow the Lawn," is currently airing in the UK and is all about that other bush.I would love to wax poetic, but I risk coming within a hair's width of shaving off even more of my already lacking conservative republican readership --who are, I might add, avowed Bush fans.The subtle

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