Gay Sauna: Man To Man with Free Entrance for Men in Their 20s

A new sauna has opened near Sindang station. Their biggest draw? Free entry to those in their 20s (well, more specifically for those born between 1990 and 1996... apparently I am not in my 20s any more).
For men who have a couple more years under their belt, you can get in for 5,000 won during the day and after 6 pm entrance is 10,000 won.

To get to Man to Man, take exit 6 of Sindang Station (line 6 and 2) and walk 20 meters. It is the second grey building (길현빌딩) on the 4th floor. 

Policing the Student Body: Sookmyung Women’s University students told to cover up


How do you feel about the policing of women’s bodies to prevent sexual assault and harassment? Does Sookmyung Women’s University need a more nuanced approach to these issues? How do men fit into the conversation?

Feature: Flight Attendants Can Now Wear Pants, but the Question Remains, Does Sex Sell Anyway?

BUSAN, South Korea – With the final coffin nail being hammered into Asiana Airlines’ dress code this week and the last of Korea’s flight attendants finally given the option to wear trousers, persistent questions once again arise: Does the way your flight attendant looks or dresses have any impact on your travel preference?

In other words, does sex sell?

Feature: Sexy Ads Featuring KPop Stars Pulled Following Government Pressure [VIDEO]

The Korean government wants Korean alcohol companies to tone down the use of young celebrities in ‘sexually suggestive’ ads reportedly aimed at young Koreans on the net. 

SEOUL, South Korea – Banned by government regulators from advertising hard liquor on television, Korean alcohol companies turned to the Internet to push the hard stuff. Now the government is demanding they remove what many view as highly sexualized ad campaigns using young stars to attract young drinkers.

Question: Gay DVD Bangs

Question from a reader:

I was wondering if you could go into more detail about those gay DVD rooms in Jongro. I have heard they are used as pick up and cruising spots for some NSA fun. But I don't see how they could considering DVD rooms are meant to be private. Any input would be great! 

Queer Links from the Week

Gayspeak: 올바텀 / 올탑 (vers bottom / vers top)

Not much to do with this post...

Gayspeak: 세이프 섹스 (Talking About Safe Sex in Korean)

Really important phrases coming your way, so pay attention! As a gay man, I feel like we learn a lot about safe sex in North America; Korean men are not necessarily as informed. This means it may be your job to ensure you play safe. Here are some phrases to help you out:

세이프 섹스하자! (sae-i-puh sae-suh ha-ja)

Gayspeak: 천마 (Power Bottom [kinda])

Baro (B1A4) doesn't even need to take his pants off to get off (source)
Got another good word today for my readers.

천마 (cheon-ma)

Gayspeak: 성향 뭐예요?

We learned the words for top and bottom before (때짜 마짜). We didn't, however, practice how to ask someone what they like. 

성향 뭐예요? (seong-hyang mwo-ye-yo?)

성향 is a preference or inclination. 뭐예요 is equivalent to what is. 성향 뭐예요 literally means what is your inclination, so you can use it to ask someone if they are a top or a bottom. Probably not the first day you meet someone. 성향 어떡해돼세요? is a little more polite, so maybe you could use that with someone when your chatting with them at a bar. 

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